Cathy Doll 2in1 Liquid Eyeliner & Magic Mascara Review

by - October 21, 2014

Hey everyone~

Today I want to review super 2in1 liquid eyeliner & magic mascara from the one and only Cathy Doll!
(cute packaging? YES! cathy doll speciality haha <3)

As you may already know, all cathy doll products is from Thailand but it’s formulated in korea <3


well, actually the mascara only gives longer effect to my eyelash, not volumizing
expired date




The packaging color is so cuteeee!!!! Can’t resist all the cathy doll products because of the packaging :D

Left – eyeliner
Right – mascara

The mascara applicator makes your lashes longer~

The eyeliner brush is sooo soft~ it’s really easy to apply :D


Waterproof test~

Too bad it’s not waterproof because I really like the eyeliner! T^T

Pros :
-          Cute packaging <3
-          Great applicator & brush
-          2in1 product

Cons :
-          Not waterproof L

Some people ask me where I get my cathy doll products. I got this from ti_amo_sunny
I also bought my cathy doll sexy firming cream, cathy doll petit tint and cathy doll L-glutathione from them! they sells all original cathy doll products, also shangpree products.
Go check their instagram ^^

 Thanks for read~
see you on my next post <3

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