Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Milky Dress Cream Pack Review

by - October 07, 2014

Hello pretty~

Today I want to review Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Milky Dress Cream Pack (again, whitening product from cathy doll).

Cathy doll is a brand from thailand but all their products are formulated in korea :)
mostly cathy doll products has whitening functions, like cathy doll L-glutathione magic cream.
Ahhh~ cute packaging from cathy doll as always :3
Forgive me because I'm weak of P.I.N.K!! <3

contains 100 ml~

the function are :
- whitening
- brightening
- pore tightening

Ingredients :
water glycerin, alcohol, butylene glycol, titanium dioxide, dipropylene glycol, dibenzoate, methylparaben, polyisobutene, propylparaben, ascorbic acid


the texture is a little bit watery & light, not like cathy doll L-glutathione magic cream.

left - without
right - with Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Milky Dress Cream Pack

You can definitely see the difference *_* white skin in 3 minutes? possible!
not permanent ofcourse but if you use this cream regularly you may get the result you want.
This cream absorb really fast and smells nice too~

Pros :
- cute packaging
- instant whitening
- light texture
- travel friendly
- can be used for face & body

Cons :
- Nothing!
(but I hope this cream has SPF like   L-glutathione magic cream) ^^

My favorite whitening product for now :3 The result is really AH.MA.ZING :^^

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. mau tanya, ini hasilnya bisa permanen gak ya kalau dipakai dalam jangka panjang? tq :)

  2. Hi, i like your blog :) i used l-glutathione magic cream and now i wanna buy a new whitening cream but i'm confused. Which one do you recommend? Take care :))

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