Cottage La Vanille "Vanilla" Shower Gel Review

by - October 07, 2014

Hello guys~

Who doesn't loves bath time? Today I want to review yummy shower gel from Cottage ^^


cottage product range
The fragnance :

I'll review the La Vanille "Vanilla" Shower Gel

this shower gel contains 250ml. 


This shower gel smells like vanilla!! so yummy~ (but I'm not taste it okay haha lol) :3
the texture of this shower gel is creamy like general body wash
This is relaxing & make my skin feels so soft~
I think the price is still affordable and sometimes there's discount in supermarket like hero and guardian. Also they have the big size one for the shower gel and I heard it's on discount now in HERO.. ^O^

Be in touch with cottage ^^
Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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