DAISO "Jewel Eyecolor" eyeshadow in shade Brown Review

by - October 07, 2014

Hello all~

Maybe some of you already familiar with DAISO makeup products and today I want to review one of eyeshadow from Daiso, “Jewel eyecolor” in brown <3

how to use

ingredients & description

The packaging made from plastic and kinda slim so I think you can bring this while travelling

It’s already include small sponge applicator

back description

It consist of 6 colors

There’s also a small mirror inside~

Let’s swatch ^^

with flash
The color is quite pigmented except number 1, 4, and 5. Maybe if you used eye primer before the color will shown more~

here's EOTD using Daiso jewel eyecolor in brown

The result of this eyeshadow is natural. You can use the number 3 & 5 for nose shading, and number 4 for eye base before use eyeshadow with pop color~ all in 1 haha ^^

Pros :
-          Affordable price
-          Multifunction
-          Include small mirror
-          Include sponge applicator

Cons :
-          Some colors not pigmented
-          Not available in Daiso Indonesia
(but some online shop sell makeup products from daiso)

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3!

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  1. baru tahu kalo daiso jual eyeshadow juga...packaging nya lucu bingits

    1. iyaa daiso ada eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, banyak deh >.< tapi itu yg diluar negri semua, d indo belum ada makeup nya T^T

  2. Dewi, aaah jadi kepengen juga, hihihii..
    btw kamu beli Daiso eyeshadow ini dimana? aku penasaran kepengen coba detergent brushnyaa..

    btw, aku udah follow blog sama G+ nya, follback yaa, hihihihi (maksa, hahahaha)
    semoga ketemu lagi ya dewi di next event ^_^


    1. hihi aku dpt ini dari hadiah giveaway roosvansia n makeupucino :) kalau ga salah dia belinya di sigapore :D
      sippo sudah ku follow ya kakk >.< hope to see you soon~!

  3. lucu ya eyeshadownya unik kotak sm bulet gt bentuknya >.<


    1. iyaa >.< daiso punya banyak macem eyeshadow.. kalo aku langsung ke daiso di jepang kalap kali ya belanjanya hahaha