Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup Foundation shade 2W0 Warm Vanilla 82 Review

by - October 02, 2014

Hello everyone~!

Today I want to review Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup Foundation, one of my holy grail makeup product!
This foundation contains 20ml and SPF 10/PA++

I pick shade 2W0 Warm Vanilla because this shade suits my skin perfectly, not too light & not too dark (I tried it on my face in the counter and yes, I came with bare face, lol) ^^

The bottle made from glass and I don't think this is travel friendly because if it's accidentally fall, I dunno what will happen (kalo pecah sakitnya tuh disini.. haha) :3

The bottle doesn't have an applicator so you have to pour it in a mix pallete or in your hand before apply this foundation

Swatch~ <3

The texture is a little bit watery and not thick like BB cream, just a little amount is already enough for the whole face.

Left - without
Right - With Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation shade 2W0 Warm Vanilla 

So, is it stay on my face 'more than 15 hours' like mas Indra (one of estee lauder MUA) said?
I could say "hell YESS!!!" because after I applied this foundie and my nose sweaty, it's stay in da place just like the name~ I just applied it and  it's not going anywhere ^O^  I set it with loose powder and I'm going to breast cancer awareness campaign that support by estee lauder too from 1pm until I get home it's still stay in my face >.< I have to say that this is the best foundie ever that I've tried so far (beside make over that more affordable) :)
But it's dry quickly so after you put it in your face you have to blend it really quick! ^^
It cover my redness and acne scars. The coverage is great and it blends really well with my skin.
Also it has many shades to choose from the lightest to the darkest (around 8 shades if I'm not mistaken).

Pros :
- great coverage
- easy to blend
- light texture
- long lasting
- has many shades to choose
- SPF 10/PA++ 
(it'll be great if the SPF is higher)

Cons :
- a little bit pricey but worth it~! :)
- The cap -_- please put pump on it haha

If you read my event report about their event last week, there's Vincent Xu, the global premiere makeup artist for estee lauder from china. 
He said the price of estee lauder product in china is more expensive than in Indonesia, like this double wear foundation, it's IDR 500.000 in here and in china it's about IDR 700.000, I was like "what?" I thought all counter price in Indonesia is the most expensive than other country :O So girls, be happy if you love estee lauder product and you live in Indonesia :P

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post ^^

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