Grazia Day with Beyond "Flawless Complexions, Revealed" Event

by - October 07, 2014

Annyeonghaseo~ ^O^/

Last thursday, I attended Grazia day event with Beyond at Fiddleheads, street galery - Pondok indah mall to revealed flawless complexions makeup like korean artist haha :D

Thanks God I arrived on 4 pm and the event still not started yet and you know what, I accidentally met ce Una!! I don't meet her like for ever until this event!! She's my besties and I know her from Style renewal event by with asia's next top model & tresemme (if you read my post here ).
In the regristation she was like "Hey..No wonder the voice sounds familiar" haha. So excited to see her! :'D
with ce Una

Let's skip the reunion moment, move to the event~

So, we served with snacks and drinks.
Selfie with foods but I'm not eat it, at all!! >.< only the juice but it's too sweet in my opinion (protes aja lu kerjaannya haha)

Also we can see and try beyond products in there.

After that the event open by the MC

This is Ms. Tenik Hartono from Grazia Indonesia

This is Ms. Daisy from grazia (left) and Ms Hanny from beyond (right)

Ms Daisy gave a lot of tips that related with skin care and makeup.

This is Jeanice, she's a beauty blogger :)

After we talking about skin care and makeup there's makeup demo by Phillips kwok! He's a talented makeup artist~

This is skin care that used for the makeup demo

and here's the makeup products~ all from beyond :)
spotted Kim soo hyun? >//<
First of all is skin care. Makeup is useless if you have bad skin. anyway, makeup is easier when your skin is in good condition right? ^^
To remove all dirts in your face use cleansing oil or cleansing water, then face cleanser and toner.
How to apply toner in korean way like Suzy from MissA *lol*? just pour the toner in a cotton pad and then 'pat pat' in your face.

After the cleansing step, now the skin care. As I know korean people skin care steps is essence - emulsion- serum - cream - sunblock - bb cream. 
After you apply skin care, it's time for the makeup~ <3
Phillips apply it with his hands. He rubbed it first and then apply the bb cream in the model face.
after that is eye makeup. he apply eyeshadow with light shade and in the outer he apply dark color to make eyes looks bigger. Then he apply thin line with pencil eyeliner near eyelash and he use liquid eyeliner in the outer to make the shape. Continue with mascara.
He draw the eyebrows with the help of a 'spoon'. *what?!* yes SPOON!
I'm not taking picture of it but you can search it in google. I actually already know this tips a long long time ago from the internet but seeing him do it in front of my eyes looks more interesting haha
also this spoon can help you to make winged eyeliner :3
Next he apply translucent face powder (from the lovely up series if I'm not mistaken) in the T zone area for oil control.
Also he use highlighter in the eyebrows, under the eye, upper lips, and chin.
Lat but not least, lipstick!

After that there's makeup competion and door prize. Lucky for the model that makeup-ed by phillips, she got the doorprize by beyond :)

End of event? Not yet, Group photo please~

After the event done we can exchange our coupon for goodie bag at beyond store in PIM 1.
Before I go there I taking time to take a photo with people in there :)
with Phillips Kwok
with Jeanice
Actually I want to take photos with people from grazia and beyond too but they're still talking with others so I just go staight to the beyond counter~!! <3
Because we got IDR 200.000 voucher with minimum purchase IDR 400.000 I was like 'okay, just use this voucher. only valid for today' But......... It's so full of people in the store and I just looking at the skin care section, in the end I bought toner and spot gel from their ever star series. It's for teenager with acne problem. I purchase IDR 450.000 with voucher so I only pay IDR 250.000~ <3 want to buy their acnature series and true eco first essence since it's one of their best seller but maybe next time because I already got headache :P So hectic! (males juga kan lagi rame gitu kita belanja, ngeliatnya aja jadi pusing) @_@ 

Btw, I came to this event with my mom. this is the first time I go with her to a beauty event and all my beauty blogger friends including Phillips says "is this your mom? she looks so young!", "you look like sisters", Yess she's my mom and I can say that she's really modern and follow the times (maksudnya gaul wkwk). her clothes, makeup, none of them from ancient time, lol :D even she do selfie!
with mommy after the event
Thanks Grazia and Beyond who already invited me to this event!
I had so much fun in there and Hope I can join another event like this in the future ^O^/

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post ^^

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  1. So happy to meet you on this event dek... :)
    And yesss your mom looks sooo young.. and also her style makes her mooreee 'gaul' :)

    1. me too!! :D hope we can see each other more often :)
      haha her soul is still teenager :P