Sarange Event at Lotte Avenue

by - October 30, 2014

Hello all~

On 19 october 2014 I invited to Sarange event at Lotte avenue.
There's Korean - Indonesia festival that shows cultures from other country which is very interesting and Jooa Lee, miss korea 2006 and sarange ambassador did a korean makeup demo in this event ^^
Before the demo start, me, echa and nuri go to photo booth and used hanbook >W< It's really fun~
photo thanks to echa~ :D

Then the makeup demo begins~

Jooa Lee

She said this makeup look only need 15 minutes with 10 step

1. first, apply sarange triple crown BB cream

2. then use concealer in the top of sarange yeonin powder and concealer

to use the powder on the bottom, just 'tap-tap' on your face. It'll give glowig effect because it contains shimmer :)

3. use sarange bogosipo powder pact
I have this powder pact and the coverage is good.

4. next draw your eyebrows with sarange jaljinae auto pencil

5. apply eyeshadow with lighter color in the edge and dark color in the crease

6. apply sarange haengbokhaeyo eyeliner
this eyeliner is waterproof

7. apply sarange taraoseyo volume mascara

8. apply sarange teukbyeolhan blush
this blush on color is pink only~

9. apply sarange lipstick with dark color inside lips

10. apply sarange lipgloss with light color in outer lips

for finishing touch use the shimmering powder from sarange yeonin powder and concealer

Finish~ ^O^/

After the demo we go to sarange booth near the atrium to see sarange collections. Also the first 2 people who buy any of sarange product will be make over by Jooa lee ^^

with all bloggers and Jooa lee

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post ^^

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