Utama Spice Begone Bug Spray Review

by - October 05, 2014

Hello guys ^^

Today I'll review begone bug spray from utama spice~
before I already review their lip balm set here

this bug spray contains 60ml and of course, made from 100% natural ingredients

Ingredients :
aqua, ethanol (grain alcohol), agar, essential oil blend

This bug spray is really effective if you go traveling or camping. Keep the bugs away from your skin haha >.< the smells is like orange peel. (the bugs doesn't like it right? :P)
The texture is condensed, maybe because it contains agar ^^

Overal I like this bug spray. it's effective, smells good and makes the bugs gone even for just around 15 minutes. Affordable price and made from natural ingredients.
This is a really good product especially for you who loves traveling in nature ^^

Thanks for read <3
See you on my next post~

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