Sarange 사랑해 Bogosipo (I miss you) Natural Finisher Pact Review

by - November 12, 2014

Annyeonghaseo~ <3

Today I want to review Sarange 사랑해 Bogosipo Natural Finisher Pact.
Do you already know about Sarange? If not, check my post about sarange launching event here ^^
Bogosipo means 'I miss you' by the way >.<
I like the packaging of sarange products because it has their own unique name in korean, also what it means in english. *learning korean* haha :D

This powder pact contains 13gr and only has one shade 'natural deep beige'

Already include mirror inside~

It has lid to seperate the puff and the powder


The coverage is great, enough to cover my redness. It smells good! not like the other powder pact hehe. I need to retouch the area that needs more coverage after a few hours but it's fine la~ good oil control :)
It gives you natural matte finish and although it only has one shade, the color still get in with people that have medium-dark skin tone. Really? 
Yes~ Some bloggers with darker skin tone than mine says this powder pact is not make their face looks like wearing a mask or too white, also it's not cakey and blend well~
What a perfect finisher powder pact! <3

Have you tried this Natural finisher pact? ^O^/
Please leave comment bellow~

Thanks for read <3
See you on my next post!

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  1. satu2nya bedak yang kupunya hahaha XD
    wanginya enak ya :D

    1. Wah kamu jg jarang pake bedak ya ci? *tosss* lebih suka pake BB cream aku hihi >.<
      Iya wanginya gak menyengat :D