Starry Light Magic Eye Tape Review

by - November 30, 2014

Hello all~

Do you have monolid eyes? Today I want to review Starry light magic eye tape by Stella lee.
I can't do my makeup without eyelid tape because the eyeliner won't show up except I draw it about 1 cm high? lol :P let's started~!
 The packaging is so cute >.< remind me of sailor moon.
In the back there's description of how to use the eyelid tape.
1. take the eyetape and put on your back hand
2. glue it evenly
3. apply the eyetape on yout eyelid with tweezers
You can use this eyetape before or after makeup

You'll got 3 sheet of eyetape, each consist of 12 pairs of eyetape.

This eyetape made from lace and it's very thin and light.

Also this include one glue.

You can the picture bellow.
With - Without
Yap, my eyes are monolid.
I used this eyelid tape close with my eyelash. After a bit longer used the eyetape starting loose and blocking my eyesight, even after I put the glue again. 

Well, I already tried many types of eyetape and I think the one that thick and dense more suitable for my eyes. If the eyetape like this one, in a minutes it'll folding like this by it self.
click to ZOOM
Look at the right side. It's so funny looking at this picture >//<
Do this ever happen to you? hahaha, this happen to me all the time when I tried thin eyelid tape :P
Blessed you who doesn't have many fat on your eyelids :")

I already read many good review of this eyelid tape even my friend that used this said this is very good. It's create deeper eyelid and bigger eyes.
So far I think this eyelid tape is great for you who already have double eyelid but want deeper and bigger eyes.
BUT, you know everyone has different eye shape so this magic eyetape may suit you or not.
You will never know if you don't try it your self ^_^

The price is IDR 85.000 and I think it's really affordable for 36 pairs of eyetape :)
Visit their Instagram @Starrylight_id
LINE : starrylight_id

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. glue nya sticky banget or not? thanks for the review!! jadi pengen coba..

    1. menurut aku sih nggak, but mungkin bisa coba pakai glue buat fake lashes. kayaknya lebih nempel deh, ntr aku juga mau coba ^^
      you're welcome ci ^^ cobain aja, mungkin cocok dikamu :D

  2. Huaaa produknya indonesia, mau coba ini ah nanti hhihi

    nice review~

  3. mataku juga sipit kwkwkwk, lucu yah jadi bisa belo hihihi
    thanks for review!♥

    1. ih sama dong *tosss* haha
      iya jadi lebih besar matanya :D