Berrisom Chu~ My Lip Tint Pack shade #01 Pink Grapefruit Review

by - December 06, 2014

Hey everyone..!
and welcome december <3 (I know it's too late, lol)
Finally can blogging again, just finished my last exam today ^O^/

Well, today I want to review Chu~ My Lip Tint Pack from berrisom in shade #01 Pink Grapefruit.
this shade has orange color though the name is pink :P

this lip tint contains 10gr

I have to say this is one of unique lip tint in the application way.
Why? Because this is like a lip mask. 
Apply all over your lips and wait for 5-10 minutes until it dry, then peeled-off from the edge to center.

I like the pattern design <3

expired date


Left - applied berrisom chu lip tint pack
Right - peeled-off after wait 10 minutes
I wish the color turns out the same like when I applied the lip tint on my lips *_*
After peeled-off the orange color make my face looks so pale like a sick person >//< Wish the orange color is brighter.
It has cooling sensation and I like it hehe <3
After use this lip tint pack you can apply clear lip gloss or the one with natural color for moisturizing effect.

- Cute packaging~
- Quite long lasting (about 2-3 hours)

- Not efficient (need time to wait it dry)
- Not moisturizing

No... T^T
 There's another shade in red apple and it has pink color.
Have you tried that shade? If yes please comment bellow, I'm curious with the result ^_^

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. aih, nama shadenya pink tp kok oren hasilnya.. ._.
    pdhl kalo ga salah harganya lumayan mahal yaa..

    1. iya haha gak tau juga deh ci >.<
      iyah di atas 100k hehe

  2. Wow so cute <3 <3
    New follower! :D

  3. I just bought the new version of the berrisom pack in the shade "sexy red", and it tints my lips super nicely. It takes some time, though, but I don't mind, because the outcome is natural and lasts quite nicely.

    1. yeah the new version has 6 shades and all the color is so cute ^^
      maybe red or pink shade result is more natural than orange :D
      thanks for sharing <3

  4. rada ribet yah makenya, udah gitu nggak sesuai nama sm shade nya, dan orennya bener bener oren >_<


    1. haha iya agak ribet menurutku >.<
      hooh beda ya hehe

  5. LUCUUUUU XD hihihi bisa dikelupas gitu..

  6. lucu banget lip tintnya ^^
    nice review anyway..