Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet shade #05 Ole Flamingo! Review

by - December 29, 2014


Today I want to review Bourjois rouge edition velvet. Velvet? Yup, you can say this is dupe of lime crime velvetines. I also already review one of other velvetines dupe, Verlour lips from Australis. click here to read the review.

The packaging is made from plastic so I think this is travel friendly.

This liquid lipstick contains 6.7ml.
It says : light texture, extreme comfot, 24 hour hold
and that's TRUE!

Bourjois rouge velvet has 8 shades to choose.

I got mine in 05 Ole Flamingo!
This one has deep pink color, close with shade 06 pink pong which has fuchsia color.

This rouge velvet gives you matte finish with moisture.
As you know matte lipstick generally make your lips dry (a.k.a no moisture) and sometimes makes cracked lips effect (if you know what I mean) but not this one. It doesn't dry my lips and has intense color.With only one stroke you'll get the color. 
The pink color it so pretty, isn't it? ^_^
It last all day long on my lips. Only fade a little after eat and drink but the color stays!
This become my HG lippies right now :)

- Perfect matte finish
- Moisturizing
- Intense color
- Long lasting
- Has 8 shades to choose 
(this is important for a great product)

- Nothing bad about this lippies for me.
I just love this rouge velvet so much <3

YES! I want shade 04 peach club and 07 nude-ist~!
Dunno why but I want nude lip color this lately, duh

Thanks for read <3
See you on my next post ^_^

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  1. duhh bagus hasilnyaa..
    pengen cobain juga tapi dimana2 sold out.. sedih T___T

    1. Iyaa hiks.. Waktu itu di mall2 gede udah restock cuma warnanya gak lengkap. Last time aku ke sephora cuma ada shade yang merah2 aja T^T susah dapet yang nude :(

  2. wi racun banget sih wiiiii...... no 7 boleh dimasukin wishlist tuh, aaaaaaaaaaa cakep dah, yg review juga udah cakep soalnya *tinggg

    1. Hai kakk~! Iya aku mau yang shade 04 kalo gak 07.. cakep!!
      eaa bisa ajah nih kkak, yang comment jg cakep ah ;)

  3. warnanya cakep banget wii... cici kalo ga salah beli shade 08 atau 07 lupa tapi mau beli satu warna lagi hahaha

    1. iya cii.. aku naksir sama warna ini dari awal.. kalo yang shade 06 ada purple tone nya gitu hehe
      Racun yah rouge velvet ini <3

  4. walahhhh please.. ngincer produk ini emang harus bener-bener ekstra, aku belum dapet :(
    btw., nice post..

    1. haii sorry baru bales.. hihi iya shade ini sold out dimana2 >.<
      thank you <3