Grazia Day with NYX - Looking Pretty is the best revenge

by - December 21, 2014

Hello all~

on 27 november 2014 I got a chance to join grazia day event with NYX in Lippo mall kemang, Jakarta. In this event, beside makeup class they also introduce the new Revenge pallete from NYX that inspired from popular TV shows. If you have cabel TV and watching star world you must know this TV series. Until now it's already has 3 season (or 4 I guess? haha) ^^
In this event you can choose as #TeamEmily or #TeamVictoria
yap, two female main role in Revenge, Emily thorne and Victoria grayson.
which one I choose? #TeamEmily but I ended up on the stage because the NYX MUA ask me to being her model in this makeup class.
So many people join this makeup class. Maybe about 30 girls.

First, opening words from Mrs. Tenik hartono from Grazia.
She's so humble and I already met her twice, in grazia day event ofcourse :)

After that the makeup class begun.
First is demo for emily thorne makeup.
It's a natural makeup with flawless skin, natural eyeshadow and nude lips.
PS : My photos on the stage was taken by my sister if you're wondering

All makeup that used are from NYX and for the eyeshadow, blush and lipstick is using the new Revenge makeup pallete.

This is what you're waiting for. Yes, closer look of the Revenge makeup pallete from NYX.
The box also inspired from the show. It's the symbol from emily's father.

Inside there're 10 eyeshadows, 6 lipstick, and 3 blushes.

There's also a mirror and 'get the look' paper turitorial.

get the look of Emily thorne

Get the look of Victoria Grayson

10 eyeshadows

3 blushes

6 lipsticks

It's really fun to be able attend another grazia day event.
Hopefully I could join the next too~!
me - my big sis
Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Enaknya beb kamu dateng ke acaranya >.< itu dapet gratis ya palettenya ? mana jadi model...iih envy ><

    1. ini cuma makeup class beb, nggak kok huhu harganya sekitar IDR 600.000 an gitu deh.
      kemarin cuma dapet aqua glam lip gloss nya sama glam single eyeshadow

    2. Oalaah kiraiin dapet palette revenge nya jugaa hihi. Lumayan tun beb goodienya. Btw ini bayar brp buat makeup classnya ?

    3. Ini gak bayar, jadi daftar gitu nanti kalo kepilih sama grazianya dapet invitation hehe