Kay Collection Grand Opening at Grand Indonesia

by - December 14, 2014

Hey everyone~

On 22 November 2014, I was invited to the grand opening of kay collection new counter in Grand Indonesia.
The location is in East Mall, LG floor next to watson.

I take a lot of picture in here. So many beauty products especially japanese brand like masami shouko, dolly wink, makeup case and many more.

makeup cases

makeup brush set

Also there's makeup demo by Christia.A

The model is ci wenny and on this makeup demo, christia using all products from kay collection like dolly wink eyeshadow, dolly wink lipgloss, masami shouko brushes, and also eyeshadow shield that famous this lately.

Spot me here? hahaha *slaped* 
photo credit to Kay collection


I love her eyebrows hehe ^_^

Selfie time~
me- wenny -christia

with double fia and via :D 
PS : they're not twins okay hehe
fia - me - via

kezia - me - dila - yuka

kania- hani - me - putri - bunga - yuka


Congratulation Kay collection~ Don't forget to visit kay collection counter in East mall, LG floor when you're at Grand Indonesia! ^_^

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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