Revive Lash ~ Eyelashes Serum Review

by - December 23, 2014

Hey everyone~

Today I want to review Revive lash. This is a eyelashes serum for you who wants to get curly eyelashes without extension and it has 4 functions :
-lengthen eyelashes
- thicken eyelashes
- strengthen eyelashes
- blacken lashes
Revive lash is a product from Japan. All the back description is written in Japanese language.

How to use this product?
1) take the product from the container
2) take just a little amount to avoid excess that will come into your eyes
3) apply to the roots of the lashes while it's closed
4) apply to eyelashes like when you apply mascara
5) Also apply to the lower lashes

You can use this every morning and night but I only used this at night before I sleep.
They said in 10 days you can see the result and you can use this 3 months after it opened,

This eyelashes packaging is like mascara but the applicator is like lipgloss wand. Why not a mascara brush? No idea, but as I know eyelashes serum comes with this kind of applicator hehe ^^

How does it works on me?
Click to ZOOM
You can see the difference. Picture tells everthing~
After I use this my lashes become longer and thicker. Also before my lashes is easily fall out when I wash my face or when I remove my mascara,. BUT, after using this for about a week I feel that my lashes become stronger and not fall out often. Seriously :D 
I'm so happy because this is my first time using serum for eyelashes and it works well on me.

Thank you Kawaii beauty Japan for sending me this product~!

Thanks for read <3
See you on my next post ^O^/

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