Beyond Color Artist Triple Fit Eyeshadow shade 02 pink diary Review

by - January 09, 2015

Hello guys~

Today I want to review Beyond color artist triple fit eyeshadow in shade 02 pink diary. 
The packaging is simple but looks classy and made from plastic so it's travel friendly.
As you may already know, all beyond products is eco friendly and cruelty free.

shade 02 pink diary

This eyeshadow consist of 3 colors : white, pink and grey with shimmer on it.

Inside already include two sponge brush (small and big).

Swatch~ (one swipe)
This eyeshadow is quite pigmented, especially the grey one.

The price is IDR 278.000 and I think it's too expensive (at least for me) for an eyeshadow with only 3 colors. But, Maybe you can consider to buy this since the quality is quite good and it's chemical preservatives.
- 3 in 1 colors
- pigmented
- travel friendly
- include 2 sponge brush
- eco friendly & cruelty free

- pricey

 Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Bagus ya Dewi warnanya, kayak kue, tapi harganya eng ing eng....

    1. Iya kak Esy, pigmented lagi.. tapi pricey buat aku hahaha >.<

  2. warnanya soft banget de^^ jadi pengen beli deh.. tapi terlalu banyak whish list ku hahahaha XD

    1. iya ci.. soft tapi pigmented :) haha sama banget! aku malahan wish list banyak tapi harus menabung dulu lol >.<

  3. Warnanya soft banget ya.. bagus buat sehari-hari ya kayaknya... natural...

    Btw, aku baru aja ganti rumah dan alamat blog,
    kindly enough to follow me di my new page?
    Thanks dear...
    Happy New yearrrrr ya...
    All the best for 2015.


    1. iya soft tapi pigmented ^^ perfect for everyday use~
      happy new year too dear! <3