IASO Natural & Vivid Lip Crayon shade #N03 Sweet Liar Review

by - January 16, 2015

Hello everyone <3

Do you know about lip crayon??
Today I want to review Natural & Vivid Lip Crayon from IASO. IASO is a cosmetics & skin care brand from Korea. This lip crayon is one of their best seller item.

They have 6 shades with 2 types,  each has 3 shades :
Natural tint (sheer tint + color balm)
- N01 shy pink
- N02 pretty peach
- N03 sweet liar

Vivid tint (creamy tint + color stick)
- V01 flame rose
- V02 passion orange
- V03 cinema red

I got mine in N03 sweet liar :)

What's the difference between natural and vivid tint?
If you want a sheer and glossy lips, then choose natural tint.
If you want a bold lips, then choose vivid tint.

As the name, the packaging is like a crayon!

full twist

This lip tint is following your natural lip color.
So the result is different each other.

I tried to wipe the lip tint from my hand and it has pink undetone

bare lips

using shade n03 sweet liar

Yes! pretty and natural lips that I love <3
I actually really like this shade, also flame rose from the vivid series.
it's moisturizing and not too bold so I can use this when I go to school and hang out with my friends.
I already tried the vivid one when I was in IASO launching event and as I said before, the vivid texture is creamy and the natural is glossy. Maybe because mine is glossy it's not long lasting? It's gone easily even without eating & drinking it'll gone hikss T^T
- moisturizing
- has 2 type of lip tint to choose (sheer & creamy)
- has 6 shades to choose
- travel friendly
- easy to apply
- not too long lasting (the natural one)
- kinda pricey

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Hahaha.. Kirain mah bakal ijo ya di bibir nya.. Teryataaaaa.. Sangat natural..

    1. hahaha ih si kakak mah :P Aku juga awalnya bingung ini warna hijau tapi hasilnya pink gitu hehe

  2. natural bgt ya, ky ga pake apa2 XD

    1. iya cii wkwk >.< kalo selfie kayak gak pake apa2 :P

  3. Dewi, aku penasaran banget bakal jadi warna apa kalo yang ijo. ternyata jadi pink bibir yaa, hihihii..
    btw masa aku sering ngintip ke sini tapi belum follow :(
    udah aku follow ya dewi ^_^


    1. Hai mandaa.. hihi iya awalnya juga bingung tapi ternyata jadi pink ^^
      aku udah follow kamu dari lama haha :D thank you yaa