La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque Review

by - January 17, 2015

Hello everyone~

Today I want to review La Fleurte revital facial masque. Never heard the name? Me too. Thanks kezia  for sending me this product to try~ This is a sleeping mask from thailand (yup, another skin care from thailand) ^_^
I know at first you'll think that the jar is really big, but it's not. only the box that has super size :D
What it says : This is an intensive boosting masque that penetrates skin every-night and help restore radience, youthfulness, and moisture. 
"Wake up for better-looking skin~!"

Directions : three or four times a week, before sleeping, apply La Fleurte revital facial masque on your face after cleaning. Leave masque on your skin overnight. then wash with water in the morning.

Contains : 15 gr

The manufactured and expired date is printed on the box.
Ingredients ( click to ZOOM)

Like I said before, actually the packaging is quite small haha >.<

Inside there's a seperator for the lid.

The texture of this sleeping mask is light and not too thick.

In one night my skin is brighter & moist! Also some of my acne scars become less visible. Amazed with the result~ :D
But in the morning there must be one or two new pimples on my face :( dunno why. Maybe because the masque texture is a little bit oily? or because my face is full of acnes right now so it's trigger the pimples to multiply? haha :P My skin type is oily combination. I guess there's no problem if your face type is normal or dry.
And yes, I know my face is horible now. full of acnes & pimples or we know it as "bruntusan". Even I'm scared with my own face when look into the mirror. Now I'm back using doctor skincare (Wijaya skincare if you're wondering), just to treat my acne, not for brightening or whitening program, etc.
- light texture
- result in one night
- smells good (no chemical scent)

- Can't get it in Indonesia
- a little bit oily

Too bad the product is still not distribute to Indonesia yet, because in my opinion this sleeping mask is quite great especially for you who already have good skin that free from acne.
Are you interested to try this facial masque if they have it in Indonesia? :D
Leave comment bellow~!
Don't forget to visit their website

Thanks for read <3
See you on my next post :)

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  1. Itu dagu atau dagu Dew? tirus bener >.< *salah fokus* XD btw nice review.
    Salam kenal :)

    1. halo.. haha itu pensil >.< tajem ya hihi :P thanks for read~ salam kenal juga

  2. Dear, wajah kamu break out nya lumayan parah yaaaa...
    I suffered from that too dulu, dan hilangnya bukan pakai produk yang mahal.
    Coba kamu pakai yoghurt dicampur bubuk kunyit lalu dijadiin masker deh...
    It works really good. Natural antibiotiic buat jerawat.

    Maaf ya OOT. :)


    1. Iya ini breakout nya parah banget kak T^T lagi kembali ke skincare dokter karena udah stress bgt :'( sebelumnya udah pakai jeruk lemon tapi tetep susah hilang. Nanti dicoba deh resep maskernya :D
      Thanks for visit <3