Bless Healty Glow Foundation shade Beige Review

by - February 08, 2015

Hello guys ^O^)/

Do you always use makeup base before out from home?
Today I want to review Bless Healty Glow Foundation that will save your time for morning routine, This is the newest product from bless cosmetics that contains physical sunscreen and suitable for sensitive skin.

Why this foundation will save your time? because this foundation is consist of skin care, makeup, and suncreen that will protect your skin from UV. So three functions in one product. Beside this foundation contains NMF, it's likea  moisturizer that will help moisturize your skin.
How high the SPF? I don't know since there's only written this foundation contain physical sunscreen but from the website it said the sunscreen has low iritation level and that's why this foundation is suitable for all skin types even for those who have sensitive skin.

 What it says :
- protects
- hydrates
- smoothes
- blurs imperfections

This foundation contains 35gr.
They have 2 shades to choose, Beige and Natural.
I got the beige one.

shade & expired date


The tube is like a BB cream. In terms of packaging it's travel friendly because not too big and bulky.

The applicator hole is too big. when you open the cap, the foundation will come out directly so you better careful.

The texture is liquid, a little bit runny and not creamy. 
Because of the big applicator I pour to much foundation T-T what a waste, can use this much for 2-3 times I think.

Hua you know what iI mean right? :P it's just too much,

It absorb fast and will blend well with your skin.color.
left - without
right - with Bless Healty Glow Foundation

"A little goes a long way"
I think you can use this foundation for about 3-4 months if you used it daily.
This foundation covers imperfections perfectly. since the texture is light you can use this for daily.
By the way, When I wash the swatch in my hand on runny water it's really hard to remove even with foam. So for moslem people, If you want to buy makeup base that still hold after you 'wudhu' I think you can consider this foundation.
Remember always do double cleansing when using a makeup base like foundation or BB cream ^_^

- contain skin care, makeup & sunscreen in one product
- a little goes a long way
- easy to get (at guardian or other drugstore)
- affordable
- suitable for all skin type
- moisturizing

- the applicator hole is too big

Visit their website to see other bless product :

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. kayaknya yg beige terlalu gelap ya de..?? a lot review bilang ini bagus banget... pegen banget coba.. cuma masih pakek obat dokter hiks T__T

    1. haha iya di aku masih gelap ya ci? >.< tapi kalo diblend masuk kok warnanya.. Iya bagus ini foundationnya, gak perlu tebel2 pakenya. ayuk cobain..

  2. kira2 kalo buat cover jerawat bisa engga ya wi?^^ thanks
    @freddy_friday blog

    1. Bisa kok, kalo masih kurang bisa di tebelin lagi di bagian jerawatnya :)