Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Kohl Eyeliner shade #06 noble purple Review

by - February 10, 2015

Hello Pretties <3

Today I want to review a super duper affordable drugstore eyeliner with good quality.
What else if not Maybelline Colorshow :)
Maybe you guys already know that the price of Colorshow range from Maybelline is very very cheap.
They have Colorshow lipstick, eyeliner, and nail polish, you can get them each for IDR30k only~!!
what could you asking more? ^_^
The colorshow eyeliner has 6 colorful shades to choose : black, gold, purple, dark blue, orange, and turquoise.
I'll review shade #06 Noble Purple :)

The packaging is made from plastic, slim and light.


It says :
- Intense color stays all day
- waterproof

The twist is loose and not tight so when you applied the eyeliner, it will go inside again and you have to twist it over and over. That's what I don't like from this eyeliner.
full twist

The color turns to dark purple. It has shimmer and the texture is creamy.
When I take a selfie it doesn't look like purple at all hahahaa
It's like I'm using general black eyeliner but looks softer and not too thick, enough to add dimension for bigger eyes looks.

Here's my #EOTD using Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Kohl shade noble purple~
I really like this eyeliner and the first reason is because of the price and second, it's easy to get. 
It's waterprood and easy to apply but crayon type eyeliners is not my favorite. I prefer use gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. Why? 
Because my crayon eyeliner 'always' broken when I applied it to my eyes -_- (dunno what's wrong with my hand or maybe my eyes that are wrong, lol). It always happen to all my crayon eyeliner especially the automatic one like this. T^T

- super affordable!
- easy to get
- waterproof
- pigmented

- broken easily
- the twist is not tight

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. emang kelihatan kaya agak rapuh gitu sih ya :(
    tapi warnanya natural heheeh :D

    1. Iyah :( diteken sedikit langsung patah T^T
      Yup natural banget, sampe gak ada yang nyadar aku pake eyeliner ungu wkwk

  2. Warnanya bagus ^^ Suka deh!
    New post, mampir yah >>>