Mineral Botanica Moisturizing Lipstick shade #007 Fruit Punch Review

by - February 05, 2015

Hey everyone~

I just finish my first try out and it's going well except for math, lol >.<
Today I want to review Mineral Botanica moisturizing lipstick, yup another product from Mineral Botanica. Yesterday I already review the two way cake foundation (click here).
It's a new Indonesian local brand that just launch in Indonesia and I love their lips products because it's so affordable and paraben-free~!!
The packaging is matte black and the shape is like lip crayon.

paraben free!!!

like the name this lipstick is not only add color on your lips but also moisturizing so no need lip balm when you're using this.


expired date

this lipstick has 12 shades to choose and I got shade 007 fruit punch which has orange color
 This lipstick contains 3.5gr

 you just have to twist the bottom part to use it
full twist

 the color is more sheer than I thought it supposed to be

How does it look on my lips?

with flash
Gyaa~ I'm in love with this lipstick, or should I say tinted balm? because the texture is just like a lip balm and I love it. It's suitable for daily use but not too pigmented and the color turns out not as orange like in the bullet after applied to your lips because the color is sheer.
You have to apply a couple times to get the color you want.
This lipstick is travel friendly because the packaging is not bulky and it's very light.
I personally prefer this kind of lipstick than matte lipstick because it won't transfer after dried and I can apply this without mirror anywhere since the color is not too bold hahaha.
Too bad this lipstick is not long lasting, it's gone after 2 hours but I don't mind to reapplied since I really like the color on my lips~!

- affordable
- has 12 shade to choose
- moisturizing
- paraben free
- travel friendly
- perfect for daily use

- not too pigmented
- not long lasting
- the color not the same as the bullet

Yess!! especially the pink one ^_^

What do you think about this product? If you want to see the price list check out my previous post in here. they have free shipping promo this february~! What are you waiting for?
check their website for more detail :
Facebook : Mineral Botanica
Instagram : @mineralbotanica
Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Cakeeep kok di kamu .. Walau kurang pigmented, aku rasa karna bibir kamu warnanya natural pink/nude jadi warnanya tetep keluar .. ^^ Cantik :)
    New post >> http://www.misskarlina.com/2015/02/maybelline-clear-smooth-pressed-powder.html

    1. iya kurang pigmented tapi cocok for daily use atau pas bare face jadi ga menor.
      thank you.for visit <3

  2. Replies
    1. iya ci lucu gitu padahal aku bukan orange lover buat produk bibir hihi

  3. warnanya lucu juga ya. packaging nya ngingetin aku sama revlon balm matte ya

    1. iya kakk.. packaging nya kayak lip crayon gituu hehe

  4. cakep lipen'a wi..pa lg cocok ni bwt bibir kering kyk q, tp mesti bl OL ya???