PAC Liquid Eyeliner Shade Flashy Purple Review

by - February 21, 2015

Hello Guys~

On 12 february 2015 there was PAC makeup demo at #BBMeetUp in Senayan City, to see how was the event you can search with hashtag #bbmeetupxpac :)
Today I want to review another PAC product which is the liquid eyeliner.

 PAC has 2 types of eyeliner : Pencil and Liquid. 

PAC liquid eyeliner has several beautiful shades and I got mine in purple. 

The packaging is made from plastic and there's color of the eyeliner in the cap. 

Contains :
1.7 ml 


The applicator is pointed, soft, but not too slim. 

This liquid eyeliner contains glitter on it and it's really pretty. 

Is this eyeliner waterproof? 
after pour water several times

after rub it lightly
Yes~! Super waterproof <3

 It doesn't smudgeproof as you can see on the picture above, but as long as you don't smudge it, the eyeliner won't go anywhere hehe 

the texture is very watery like etude tears drop liner which also contains glitter too, So I think this eyeliner would be perfect for lower lash line than the upper line :)

- easy to get
- has many shades to choose
- waterproof
- great for lower lash line
- contains glitter for blinky eyes effect

 - watery texture

- not smudgeproof 

What do you think.about.this eyeliner? Let me know by leave comment bellow~

Thanks for read <3

See you on my next post ^_^

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