Benefits and Advantages of Yogurt

by - March 23, 2015

Hello everyone~!

Do you like to drink yogurt? I DO!
If you're on a diet I bet you definitely familiar with yogurt and yes, it's really good for your body.
Today I want to share about benefits and advantages that you will got from yogurt.
But I don't like yogurt because it's too sour
Don't worry
Now there's Heavenly blush yogurt drink to go that taste good with right acid.

Yogurt contain zinc which good to prevent acne, hi-calcium for bones, and beta-hydroxy acids makes our skin brighter, softer, and more elastic.
Besides yogurt contain good bacteria for digestive health.

Not only that, here's the other benefits of yogurt :
- Strong bones that support an active lifestyle
- Lowering Cholesterol, Lowering Blood Pressure and Prevent Heart Disease
- Beautiful and Healthy Skin
- neutralize Antibiotics
- Maintaining Feminine Health
Heavenly blush made from low-fat milk and low sugar so it's really fit active women life style.

It's not efficient if I have to bring yogurt everywhere
Heavenly blush is the answer. With new inovation now you can drink yogurt everywhere and anytime! This is the first yogurt drink in Indonesia that can be enjoyed in any situation. Heavenly blush doesn't have to be kept in the fridge.

Benefits and advantages :
1. Hi - Calcium, to support your active lifestyle
2. Low Fat - only 100 calories, perfect for those who are on a diet
3. Less Sugar
4. Prebiotics (Inulin & GOS) that help digestive health, lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar and blood pressure

When is the right time to drink yogurt?
1. Breakfast with yogurt
this is really fit those who are on a diet or want to mantain your weight.
2. Healthy snack
change your unhealthy snacks with yogurt~
3. Yogurt after meals
yogurt can prevent absorbsion of cholesterol into the blood.
4. Yogurt at night
drink yogurt at night is very recommended to make our sleep more comfortable and relax.. Also make our digestion clean in the morning.

Is it expensive?
It's Afforadable cost only about IDR 7.600/pcs. 
Each contains 200ml with three yummy flavors :
- Strawberry (my favorite)
- Peach
- Blackcurrant 

Anyway, do you like ice cream? Me too! But it's bad for my health since ice cream made from a cream (yeah the name said itself). 
Here's a little tip for you : Put your yogurt in the fridge until it's frozen. Cut the upper side and enjoy your yogurt ice ^O^

What are you waiting for? Start being a YOGURTARIAN now! Live longer and be healthy ^^

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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