Bioderma Skin Class at Liberte - Pasific Place

by - March 16, 2015

Hello guys~

Today I want to share the fun of bioderma skin class at liberte in pasific place on 14 march 2015.

Before the event started I have a little chit chat with Ms. Amanti from dermanesia. She's very kind and humble and her french accent, oh gosh I love it :) wish I can speak english in specific accent like american or british (?) Lol
The decoration is really pretty. The domination color is pink and I love pink so much!!

Here's view from the event.. So beautiful, right?

The dress code is pink or white so I just wear both of this color ;)

Finally the event started~
First there is opening words by Ms. Amanti from dermanesia.

Next, we got explanation about bioderma by Ms. Fanny as product manager of bioderma indonesia. Bioderma is a short for BIOlogy and DERMAtology. Bioderma is a skin care that not only used to clean your skin but also make it healthy. 

The founder of bioderma is Jean-Noel Thorel and bioderma is originally from france. 

Bioderma has many range of skin care like : 
- Sensibio = for sensitive skin
- Sebium = for oily and acne prone skin
- Photoderm - suncreen
- Atoderm = for dry skin
- White objective = for whitening

I used both of bioderma sensibio h2o and sebium h2o and I love it!
As I know they just launch the Atoderm h2o for dry skin but it's not come in Indonesia yet.
I used the sensibio for my eyes and lips and sebium for my face because my skin is oily combination. The first time I used bioderma is the sebium one and I used it to clean my eye makeup too! It become very very dry because the sebium one has oil control while the sensibio hasn't. So I decided to got the sensibio too :) will share my review of both this micellar water in other post!

After the explanation, there is presentation by Mr. Yi Chieh, asia pasific trainer of bioderma from singapore. Let me tell you something, he is 'awesome'!! I love the way he tell us about bioderma, micelle, and the difference between sensibio and sebium. 

Also when he tried to pose like super model with bioderma, it's epic!
*censored his face because he ask to not take a picture of him when he posed XD*
 I will tell you everything that we learn from the skin class.

Do you know what people in 1900s used to clean their face? 
Soap, oil, and coconut milk. If you used soap your skin will become very dry, if you used oil based cleanser it will make your face feels sticky. 

So what is the solution to clean your face without making your skin dry or sticky?
Don't wash your face for the next 10.000 years!! Can you imagine?? 
This is also the inspiration behind bioderma sensibio h2o.

So, bioderma is a new product that can cleanse my face without leave any sticky feels and drying out my skin? 
NO! This is a revolution of micellar water to replace your milk cleanser, cleansing oil, or toner to clean your makeup. The best part is : NO NEED TO RINSE! <3

Bioderma Sensibio h2o is a cleanser that contains micelle. Micelle contains fatty acid esters that has structur like phospolipid (skin cell) on our skin. It can take off all the dirt in your face like dust, oil, and of course make up without make it dry, just like water~

And you know what, 1 bottle Bioderma is sold every 3 seconds! How amazing is that? Are they drink it or take a bath with bioderma? Hahahaha

Bioderma is the number 3 favorite cleanser in france and number 1 in the world. So many hollywood actress and models that using bioderma like Kylie Minogue, Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Monica Bellucci.

Also Lisa Eldrige, insternational make up artist. It's their choice to use bioderma as their face cleanser.

What's the difference of bioderma and other cleanser? 
You don't need to rinse your face if you used bioderma. It is as light as feather and refreshing like water without drying your skin. It is very efficient too like if you just get home from a party and too lazy to wash your face, just pour bioderma on a cotton pad, wipe on your face, voila.. Clean face with fresh feeling like you just wash your face with running water on your wastafel :3

Which one suitable for me, sensibio h2o or sebium h2o?

Sensibio H2O 
- This one is for sensitive skin. 
- no fragnance 
- no oil control 
- Can be used for eyes and lips 
- Ph 4.6 - 5.3
- hypo-alergenic
- non comedogenic
- paraben free

Sebium H2O 
- This one is for oily and acne prone skin 
- has fragnance 
- has oil control 
- cannot be used for eyes and lips 
- Ph.4.8 to 5.2
- hypo-alergenic
- non comedogenic
- paraben free

So which one suitable for you? For me, I fit with the sebium one because my face is oily and acne prone. But I used the sensibio too, for my eyes and lips. That why I have to stock more sebium than sensibio, but I need both of them hihi.

The normal Ph of our skin is 4,5 until 6. The Ph of bioderma is like our normal skin so you don't have to be afraid that it will drying out your skin like sahara desert, that's what Mr. Yi Chieh said :P

Is it really effective to remove makeup??

Clean in one swipe! :D
I tried it myself with bourjois rouge velvet swatch on my hand that really long lasting and hard to remove. How is the result?


first swipe

second swipe
Woooo~ Amazing right? Bioderma not only can remove your makeup but also to clean all the dirt from your face. Make your skin feels clean, soft, and relax.

No wonder Bioderma Sensibio H2O won female daily beauty award 2014 as the best makeup cleanser!

And beauty winner rising star in south korea 2013

Yes I also tried the Sebium h2o directly to my face since I don't wear any based that thay.

Like I said before, my skin fit the sebium one than sensibio, but I still need both of them <3 haha

Anyway, I ordered hot cappucino and there is sketch on the top. My beauty blogger fellas who came to this event said it's piggy, the other said it's bear, and the last one said it's buldog. My self said it's a puppy. Can you guess what is this? Hahaha


Here's the selfies and groufie from the ‪#‎BiodermaSkinClass‬
mahar - hani - winda - auzola - me

Stay tune on my blog for the review of sebium h2o and sensibio h2o ^_^

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Thanks for read ~
See you on my next post <3

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