Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour shade 006 Always Delicate Review

by - March 02, 2015

Hello guys 
Today I want to review max factor lipfinity which is a long lasting lip color. 
It said this lipstick is last for 24 hours.
 Is that true? 
Let's proof it! 

Max factor lipfinity consist of lip color and lip balm. 

Max factor lipfinity has several shade to choose and I got mine in 06 always delicate. This is soft pink color.

The packaging is made from plastic.
left - lip color
right - lip balm

The lip color contains 2.3 ml and the lipbalm 1.9 gr

The applicator of the lip color is like other liquid lipstick.

The lipbalm applicator is like general lipbalm, just twist the bottom part.
This lipbalm really moisturize my lips.

The lip color result is matte and will dry your lips.
after apply the lip color

then apply the lip balm. 
after apply the lipbalm
Voila, shiny lips that won't transfer to your clothes or glass when you drink ;) 

After about 5 hours using this lipfinity my lips looks cracked, maybe because the lipbalm is already gone?
Still not do 24 hours test because I didn't bring the lipbalm when I go out using this lipfinity and just apply another lipstick :P
 I recommend you to scrub your lips or apply lipbalm before use this lipfinity to get better result.
Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. warnanya bagus bangetttt. nude tapi engga pucet <3


    1. iyahh di aku gak pucet sih, tapi kalo buat medium - dark skin tone jadinya pucet banget

  2. Hampir g ada perubahan warna yaa Lip Colournya, dipake dibibirnya mbak Dewi..Cuman jadi glossy aja.. Hasilnya cakep soalnya warna bibirnya mbak Dewi emang cantik ngPink gt. Klo bibir yang item pha kabar? wahaahaaa.. Salam kenal yaa ^^

    1. kalo di yang kulitnya gelap jadi pucet gitu. soalnya temenku pernah coba pakai dan jadi kayak dandanan gyaru haha XD