My First Horse Riding Experience with Maybelline New Brand Ambassador

by - March 09, 2015

Hello guys~

Do you know Maybelline New York Indonesia will have another brand ambassador beside Velove Vexia? 
"What? New brand ambassador?" 
Yup, not to replace Velove but for the face of maybelline new product from clear smooth range which is Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One shine free cake powder SPF 34 PA+++, triple plus!

Yesterday I was invited to the horse riding and intimate session with maybelline at Arthayasa Stables in Cinere.
narsis before the event started

After we arrived, we have lunch first and then do our makeup with the new maybelline clear smooth all in one.

Before we did our makeup, we were introduced with the new maybelline brand ambassador.
She is pretty for sure, like outdoor activities, and could inspire other people. Also from what I saw, I think she's a animal lover. Can you guess? :)
the host

Monika Ardianti, Business unit manager maybelline new york indonesia

When we arrived,everyone was like "mirror!!" haha. After a long way finally we can see our face at the table full of makeup!

I remove all my makeup except my eyes, because I'm using an eyelid tape so I added maybelline color tatto in brown color and hyper glossy eyeliner.

the result

Here's Maybelline products that I used :

I have to say that this the best event ever that I have attended so far. Why?? 
Because beside attending a beauty event, we also doing other thing which is horse riding and I think it's really creative how they combine these activities into one. 

In this event they introduce us to the new maybelline clear smooth all in one SPF 34 PA+++ that good for oil contol until 12 hours and absorb oil on your face 5 times better than other powder.

It's no way for you (maybe all of us) to wear thick makeup while doing sports, right? So how can we do sports but still looks pretty? 
The answer is simple, do natural makeup!
(I will post a turitorial using the new clear smooth all in one and other maybelline products as soon as possible)

Anyway, this was my first time riding a horse like real equestrian hahaha.
Before I already do this in Bromo (also when I was a child) but still, for me it's better to get down from the horse than step up on it T^T Proven with my scream when I get into the horse and actually it's prohibited because it could make the horse shocked. I tried to keep calm but I can't >.< Sorry Lucky~ and I'm so lucky you didn't get shocked when I screamed. Thank God I can rode and get down safely haha.
Also the person who accompanied me is very humble and nice, I asked many things to him like what the horse eat, their activities, how many horses and stables in there, even I asked is the horse shampoo-ing with mane n tail because he said they used horse shampoo! It's hilarious~
P.S : Lucky is the name of horse that I rode ^_^

This is my face after horse riding session using Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One powder
No touch-up and still lookin good :3 I love this powder!

Wefie #myMNYmoment

I know you must be wondering ''Who's the new brand ambassador for maybelline new york indonesia?'' 
Hmmm.. it's still being a secret between maybelline, me and other nine beauty bloggers that come to this event hehe. 
Curious? I will reveal it soon, follow my social media to get the update~ 
(facebook / twitter / instagram).

Update : Revealed the new brand ambassador of maybelline new york indonesia, EVA CELIA! click now!
Event : A Secret Playground Party & Grand Launching The New Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. kayaknya seru banget deh..!! pengennn...!!

    1. banget cii~! hayuk lah coba ke sana hihi. ada kuda pony juga loh..

  2. wah serunya <3
    nice post ^^