Sarange Taraoseyo! (Come With Me!) Volume Curl Mascara Review

by - March 02, 2015

Hello guys~

Today I want to review Sarange Taraoseyo! (come with me!) Volume Curl Mascara.
Before, I already review some of their products like the BB cream, compact powder, and lipgloss.
The packaging is quite elegant with grey colour that shiny like Sarange Natural Finisher Pact and Sarange Lipgloss. Anti-mainstream, right? haha XD
As the name this mascara function is for volumizing.
I always used mascara with long & volume functions because I have thin and short lashes plus I've monolid eyes that makes my lashes looks like drowned into my eyes, lol :P
If I can only choose one, I'll pick 'volume' because if I only used mascara with long effect my lashes will just look-like-that a.k.a nothing change! (trust me, derita mata monolid).

This is a waterproof mascara with black colour and contains 7 ml.
Not only waterproof, I found that this mascara is also smudgeproof!
Yes, I once wiped my eyes while using this mascara and it doesn't fade down under my eyes.

I'm not taking pictures for the waterproof test (yeah lazy syndrome haha) BUT when I wearing contact lens / softlens and dripping eye drops the mascara not fade away.
As you may already know that waterproof eye-makeups is very very important to people who using contact lens, even who aren't.

The applicator is like general mascara that also has volumizing function.



You can see on the pictures above that my lashes has more volume than before using this mascara.
I really like this mascara because when I applied this to my lashes it's not clumping and still give natural result.
This mascara is always on my makeup pouch when I going anywhere because the size is not too big so it's travel friendly and the packaging is really light! Sometimes there're mascara that has big packaging and a little bit heavy if you know what I mean.

Pros :
- waterproof
- smudgeproof
- volumizing
- light & elegant packaging
- travel friendly

Cons :
Until now there's nothing minus from this mascara ^_^

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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