Kracie Ichikami Repair & Prevent Hair Damage Review (Shampoo, Conditioner, Cream and Water Treatment)

by - April 08, 2015

Hello everyone

Today I want to review Kracie Ichikami product range that I got from Kawaii beauty japan.
Ichikami is a hair treatment product brand with quality that fits with japanese woman hair and asian generally. 
The range is for repair and prevent hair damage, consist of :
- shampoo 200ml & 530ml
- conditioner 200gr & 530gr
- treatment 200gr
- hair treatment water 200ml

All the products contains : premium rice extract, soapberry flower, camellia extrac, sakura extract, black\gluten rice extract, blackberry lily flower, and olive oil. The shampoo, conditioner, and treatment has brown rice extract to soften your hair.
All the products smells like sakura flower and I like it :) it's not too strong, soft, and relaxing.

The shampoo has white packaging. At first I though the black one is the shampoo but I was wrong :P I got the 200ml size, this shampoo also have the 530ml size. I really like the fragnance. Like I said before, it's like sakura flower but not like other flower smell that too strong. It just calming :3
The shampoo is to prevent hair damage & keep hair smooth

The conditioner packaging is black. I got the 200gr size but it has the 530gr size too like the shampoo. This conditioner works well on my hair, makes it softer and not too dry like before since I already dyed my hair 3 times in a week just to get the color I want (don't try this at home, lol).
The conditioner is for prevent hair damage & keep hair moisture

The treatment is in tube packaging contains 200gr. This one has creamy form like facial foam (?) haha and works like hair mask. After you done shampoo-ing and use the contioner, apply this treatment to your hair in wet condition. Leave for about 5 minute and wash it.
This treatment is for repair & prevent hair damage

Last is the hair treatment water. This is a leave on treatment so you don't have to wash it. Can spray this water in dry or wet hair condition. If you're fan of hair products you may already know there are so many hair treatment in spray form like this that come from japan! I used some other japanese brand for my hair treatment too. I trust my hair with japan hair treatment product hahaha :D

So far I love this hair treatment from ichikami and definitely will repurchase the hair treatment water because I'm too lazy using the treatment cream #momentoftruth 

Have you tried this product range?
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Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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