Sarange Lipstick shade #01 Halsutsuh! & #02 DALCOMHAE Review

by - April 06, 2015


Today I want to review Sarange Lipstick. Sarange is a new korean brand that come in to Indonesia.

This lipstick has 6 shades to choose and I got mine in  #01 Halsuitsuh! and #02 DALCOMHAE.

Let's start with shade 01 Halsuitsuh!

Halsuitsuh is sweet peach color.

The applicator of sarange lipstick is like other general lipstick and makes it easy to apply.

Next is shade 02 DALCOMHAE

DALCOMHAE is pale pink color with a hint of purple.
It looks pale but not too pale in real (?) haha
My favorite from both color above? DALCOMHAE of course.. I just love all type of pink lippies :D
But I still like the Halsuitsuh! because the peach color match my skin tone and not too orange :) I don't like orange lippies >.<

Both of my Sarange lipstick has no shimmer and gives glossy finish.
Even if you apply several times the lipstick color won't change like too thin or too bold, It's the same color like the bullet. 
This lipstick is pigmented, when you first apply this lipstick the color will shown well on your lips.
 It's not long lasting, only about 2-3 hours without eating. As usual, I don't hope much from a lipstick. If I like the color then I'll buy and use it even if I have to re-apply it many times.

I recommend you to scrub your lips before using this lipstick because the formula of sarange lipstick is not really moisturizing and if your lips is dry it will gives you chapped lips look and feels uncomfortable on your lips. You dont want it, right? ^^

- smooth texture
- the color turns out same as the bullet
- has 6 shades to choose
- luxury packaging
- cute name for each shade

- quite expensive
- not too moisturizing

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Aku punya yg bogosieppoyo(?) ada shimmernya dew.

    1. oh ya? setau aku gak ada shimmernya soalnya. update deh hehe

  2. yang no 2 MLBB kamu ya wi.. hahaha..

    Iyaa, ada yang bershimmer lipsticknya..

    1. MLBB itu apa ci? #gaptek nih hahahaha ketinggalan banyak singkatan
      iya tadi udah ku update hihi :D

  3. Ohh, I haven't heard of this makeup brand before! I shall look into it :D
    Great blog btw, would you like to keep in contact?? I followed you~