So...? Fragrance & Parfums Love Event

by - April 20, 2015

Hello everyone~
I'm in London!!
Hahaha just kidding. Yesterday I was invited to So...? fragrance and parfums love event by SOGEN at The Playroom, PIK. The event suppossed to start at 10.30 AM but I arrived before 10 AM haha :'D Thank God Jean was already there or I would be forever alone~

Here's some pictures of the venue before the others arrived.

great view!

After everyone in the room the event opened by lovely MC, Tia while we enjoying the snacks ^_^


Continue with opening words from Mr. Barrie Bell and Ms. Oppi from SOGEN asia.

SOGEN is derived from 2 words, So...? from the product and Geneva since the company of So...? fragrance and parfums love based in there, unique name isn't it? :)

So...? fragrance has four variants for you who are dinamic, trendy, and inovative which is :
- So...? Brit
The name comes from britain so if you're edgy girl that into UK so much you may like this one.
Brit is perfect for you who like sporty scent but still have feminime scent.
Ms. Oppi said this is also one of Indonesians favorite because it has powdery base note which indonesian people like for a body mist and perfume.

- So...? Desireable
This one has tropical scent and I like it. It's sweet but not too sweet, just perfect for summer.
At the event our MC using this fragrance and one of the blogger could recognize that she's using this one. Wow~ I already dizzy when we have to smell so many perfumes at one time hihi

- So...? Kiss Me
I remember this one very well because Ms. Oppi told us the name behind this fragrance. Once upon a time her boss (the one who made SOGEN asia) just came back from a long bussines trip and when he arrived at the airport his wife be like 'you're gone for so long.. so kiss me darling'. Instead kissing her he was like 'this is a good name for the new fragrance' LOL hahaha. But in the end he kissed his wife and it's a happy ending. If you want your boyfie kiss you maybe you can try this one! :D

- So...? Sensual
This one actually named So...? Sinful but BPOM not approved it then it's changed into So...? Sensual, pretty close la.
Sensual is my favorite scent beside Desireable. Because I don't like perfume that smell too strong since my nose is very sensitive. This one has elegant scent with soft touch. Perfect for dinner with the one you love and night party, wohoo~

So..? fragrance available in EDT 50ml and Body mist 100ml & 200ml.

Beside So...? fragrance, SOGEN also has Parfums Love collection for you who have fun and cute side, simply romantic which has 3 variants :
- My Love
This is my favorite from parfums love collection because the scent is not too strong but still sweet and I really like it. You can use this one when you're going out with 'him' to watch movies or lunchie together ^^

- You & Me
The name remind me of one direction song which is you and I. This one has tropical scent that fresh but still has feminine scent. The only parfum for you and him!

- Lost In Love
Okay, this one name is so chessy but if you're in di-PHP condition right now, it means you're lost in love haha. Maybe after you spray this fragrance he'll ask you out? Try this one and make him yours! 

Parfums love available in EDT 50ml and Body mist 100ml & 200ml.

After the explanation about So...? fragrance and parfums love, we played games guess the fragrance and it's so fun because we divided into 4 groups and every of us must guessing the scent of so...? fragrance or parfums love from human! I mean the perfume was sprayed to peoples from SOGEN hihi the others said this game as 'sniffing the guy' LOL
We also have to made our own yel-yel from our group name (like the one that shouted by cheer leader). I was in So Hot team and the other three are So Exotic, So Sexy, and So -rry haha.

My team and so exotic won the guess the fragrance game! Thanks to Kania and Ririe that so fast raising their hand :D

After the game we have lunch and I change my menu two times because both of it are limited and I had Mac n Cheese. Taste quite good, I love cheese so much! <3

We got special guest which are Mr. Luc Barriet, fragnance development director and Ms. Marina as marketing analyst.

In this session we learn about Olfactive discovery. Olfactive is the raw material of perfume like citrus, musk, etc (if I'm not mistaken).

We were told by Mr. Luc about the extraction methods & raw materials of perfume, also the process. 

There are three stage of fragrance which is : Top note, Midnote, and Drydown.

- Top note
the first impression that you smell from a perfume. Usually this notes are fresh and sparkling such as citrus but top note will disappear after about 30 minutes since you spray the fragrance.

- Midnote
middle note is the scent that appers after top note has faded. this is the heart of fragnance, blend of flowery notes such as rose, lily, jasmine, and waterlily. I just know this, before I thought that top note is the main scent of a perfume but I was wrong! (since the word it said 'top' haha).

- Drydown
the last note is drydown and this notes will stays on your skin after many hours. the one that include in this note are vanilla, woods, and musks. 

natural extraction methods of perfume



solvent extraction


What is a perfumer?
Perfumer is someone who work with chemicals and creative. The chemicals means the perfume materials and you have to be creative to create the perfume fragrance. Mr. Luc said it takes 10 years to be a perfumer.

In the creative process below, on the picture is Mr. Luc friend who is also a perfumer just like him.

Bellow is the tabel of perfumes list in the world. He did a research every year to follow the market like what scent that become a trend this year.

Mr. Luc said before modern era indonesian people don't like vanilla scent in their fragrance because the weather is really hot in here and if you smell something sweet when you're in heat will make you dizzy or something but now there're so many brand that have vanilla in their perfume colection *sudah kekinian* :D I'm a fan of sweet perfume that smells like vanilla, chocolate, berries, and many more! *anak kekinian*.

Mr. Luc brought so many raw ingridients for perfume to this event about 200 bottles >.<

Anyway he's just arrived from Paris yesterday and going straight to this event. Thank you so much Mr. Luc! I learn a lot about perfume from you~

This session we're given the perfume sample and he told us to recognize what scent it is. 
this makes me dizzy haha

We smell about 14 scent and it's all raw materials and so strong. four people that guess it right got prize!

Then there's prize for best questions in Q & A session but all the quessioners got the prize, me too!

After that there's announcement of best dress, best make up, instagram post, and twitter post. I won the instagram post one hehe :D

By the way, this is one of gift set package that available in UK, so cute~ each in 15ml size. Hope SOGEN will launch another collection like in UK very soon, especially the dry shampoo!

Group photo <3

Muach~ *smooch*
Thank you so much for having me~
Don't forget to check out their page :

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post

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  2. Wah waaah, nyium 14 aroma dan menebak mana yang benar? Beneran mabok dapetnya haha Hebat banget yang menang ^^ Btw, congrats juga buat km say .. Event reportnya lengkap bgt ..

    1. iyah hehe sampe pusing nyium raw perfume :D Thank you dear

  3. Wow!! Seems a great event, and pizza looks amazing. I really want to try it. I love attending such events with my family. Recently when I was out on a trip there we all attended a similar event at venue NYC. Everything was good and we enjoyed a lot.