Eau Thermal Avene High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ Review

by - June 17, 2015

"The worst beauty advice that I have ever taken has been from people who have told me that sunscreen isn't necessary. Not True! - Amanda Schull"

Are you agree with that quote? I am! 
Whenever I go out with make up or bare face I always use sun screen to protect my skin from UVA, UVB, and dark spots that can harm my skin.

My current favorite sun care is Avene high protection emulsion that has SPF 50+ for hypersensitive skin.

This sun care consist of 50ml and free from oil, paraben, alcohol, and silicon.
What's more, it is water resistant! You can use Avene high protection emulsion before swimming or when you go to the beach or island.

How to use :
Before exposure to the sun apply the product evenly onto the skin. Re-apply sun screen frequently, especially after swimming or prolonged periods of exposure. Avoid exposure between noon and 4pm.

This sun care gives you instant matte finish because of one of the ingredients mattifying powders. Perfect for people with oily skin like me :D
This sun screen gives whitening effect and the become a little bit greyish since the color is white, so I think it's more suitable for white - fair skin color.

Even this sun screen is waterproof you still have to re-apply after few hours.
Will make post about suncare later~

Thanks for read
See you on my next post <3

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  1. I have the same sunscreen, it's a nice product I just doesn't like the white cast effect and the thick texture. Still it's a great product for on the beach ) only compared to japanese sunscreen you feel it on the skin there is this sticky feeling afterwards didn't you think?

    Xx Maya

    1. I think the texture is thick because it's waterproof. Yeah japanese sunscreen absorb faster and feels light on skin :)

  2. Berapaan ya ini harganya?? Belinya dmn?