Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner Review

by - July 30, 2015

"On behalf of the moon I will right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you!"
Today I want to review the hottest item this lately, 
~Sailor Moon eyeliner~
Looks like childhood toy but it's actually an eyeliner :)

This is one of Creer Beaute sailor moon miracle romance cosmetics line.

They have 2 type of wand cap for this line. You can choose one of this or get both! haha

The packaging is so cute! 

Sailor moon magic wand :)
The brush is really thin, only 0,01mm and the color is black. Really easy to use especially for beginner.

Is the performance as good as the packaging? 

Waterproof test
Yes it's waterproof! Also since the brush is very thin I can draw thin line and winged eyeliner easily. 

I forgot to remove the swatch on my hand and I wash my hair, but after that the eyeliner still there!

 Can this cute eyeliner stand my oily eyelids? 
Before (8 AM)
After (10 PM)
It only smudge a little in the end of my eye after about 14 hours!
For daily use I think it's really good. Right now I'm using this eyeliner everyday and sometimes it didn't smudge at all.
Plus point for the fine brush and the cute pink packaging, also it's easy to remove.
You can keep the cute cap as colection too~ 

Beaute creeter has several sailor moon makeup beside this eyeliner like sailor moon miracle romance shining moon powder and sailor moon moon stick lipstick.
sailor moon miracle romance shining moon powder

sailor moon moon stick lipstick
I really want the shining moon powder but it's limited edition and quite expensive haha >.<

Arigatou Kawaii Beauty Japan for sending me this cutie eyeliner!
Don't forget to check out their website, they have many campaign for you and you can read many articles relate to beauty and lifestyle ^_^
Dewi Yang Beauty Blogger Pinkuroom

So, what do you think about this eyeliner? 
Leave comment bellow <3
Dewi Yang Beauty Blogger Pinkuroom
Thanks for read
See you on my next post~

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  1. mauuu dong wi hhihihi.. ombre makin keren aja tuh

    1. Iya dong hihi, pengen warnain pink tapi masih ragu haha

  2. aaak lucu banget wi, pengen deh jadinya

    1. Iya kakk, kayak mainan tongkat peri pas masih kecil ya :D

  3. Wahhh kepengen banget ini.. Jadi pengen punya tiap koleksinya...

  4. lucuuuuu bangeet!!!!

    i followed your blog
    mind to follow and visit each other?^^

  5. omggg eyeliner sailor moon! thnks infonya terutama info di mana bisa belinya :'D

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