Nutrisi Rambut 1 Menit With L'Oreal Paris

by - July 06, 2015

Hello everyone~

Few days ago I was invited to L'Oreal event at Rumah Imam Bonjol. 
In this event they reveal the secret how to get smooth and healthy hair in 1 minute, yes only ONE MINUTE!! :D
Before the event started we had break fasting and dinner. Also there are various game that you can play, they give prizes too.
Also I checked my hair condition, the result? My hair scalp type is oily and the end of my hair is really dry >.< Maybe because I bleached it 3 times? haha

In this event there are Dr. Lilik Norawati SpKK (Dermatolog), Sonny Sutandar (Hair Expert), and Yosephine Widowati (Product Manager L'Oreal Paris Hair Care).
They told us what to do and don't about hair :
- choose the right treatment that suitable for your hair
- use conditioner
- use hair mask four times a week
- don't comb your hair when it's in wet condition
- don't use hair dryer too often

They introduce us the new packaging of L'Oreal hair mask which has 3 variants ;
- Fall Resist
- Total Repair
- Smooth Intense

The fall resist is for strengthening, total repair for repairing ofcourse, and smooth intense for smoothing your hair.

Before, L'Oreal only has hair mask with jar packaging which is quite big if you want to bring it while traveling. But now you can just bring this awesome hair mask in sachet!

I also got my hair done in here, they washed my hair with L'Oreal paris shampoo, conditioner, and 1 minute hair mask. 
I choose the total repair series. I really like the smell of the shampoo and conditioner :D 
After got L'Oreal paris hair treatment my hair feel softer and looks more healthy. The end of my hair not too dry anymore. I really love their hair mask <3

If you're looking for a good hair mask with affordable price you can try this one~

Thanks for read
See you on my next post ^O^/

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  1. wah baru tau disuruh pakai hair mask 4 x dalam seminggu. Biasa cuma pakai seminggu sekali dan itu juga bolong-bolong whhh.

    done follow your blog, mind to follow back?

    Nice to know you :D

    1. haha iyah katanya yang bagus itu pakai 3-4x hair mask dalam seminggu. Apalagi indonesia panas banget kan pasti sering keramas hihi ^^Followed ya~