Clozetters Meet Up and Beauty Talk with Jennifer Bachdim

by - August 20, 2015

Hey guys~

Today I was invited to Clozetters Meet Up at Decanter, Plaza Kuningan. In this event we had a beauty talk with Jennifer Bachdim and get to know about The Body Shop new products. Curious about this event? Click read more! ^^

click here to get to know more about Clozette

The event was started with makeup demo by Iman Pulungan (The Body Shop makeup artist). The Body Shop just launching their new product which is Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum and Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA+++

The Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum function is for whitening and prevent wrinkles while we get our beauty sleep, smells good and soft.

This serum contains four main ingredients : Shiso, Vitamin C, Liquorice and Aloe Vera.

When you apply the serum you can also do three point relaxation massage like this:

Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA+++ has 6 colours for you to choose.

Inside the Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation there's a highlighter beside the foundation so this product is 2in1!

Here's the swatch of Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation in shade 02:
There're three way to use this compact foundation:
1) Use rough side of the sponge for the foundation
2) Then use soft side of the sponge for the highlighter
3) Or mix both using brush for shiny effect

In the makeup demo he using the new moisture white bright compact foundation and the body shop shimmer waves for eyeshadow and blusher, don't forget the lipgloss for brighter look.

After that we had a chit chat with Jennifer Bachdim. She's one of Clozette Indonesia Ambassador, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, also mom of two cute kids! She's currently live in Japan so I'm happy can meet her in this event. Visit her blog to know more about her and see Jennifer fashion style and her family fashion friday post at

We're talking about beauty, fashion and lifestyle start with how she decided to changes her hair from long to short and from brown to blonde.
Also don't you want to know how she can get that flawless skin?
The secret is to clean your face daily, especially before you go to bed. So simple right, but very important. I'm shocked that she don't using eye cream and said day cream is more important for her.
Jennifer said she likes natural makeup for daily and photoshoot on her blog.
If she have choose only one of must-have makeup product she pick a lipstick, as for me I choose eyeliner because my eyes are so small and monolid haha.
Also she gave us tips how to get a great photos by taking it near window with natural light and using tripod for beauty shoot especially when no one can help you taking pictures.
I love her dress!

There're many quiz like question about Jennifer Bachdim and the body shop, also makeup-ing games using the body shop products, we are seperated into six groups and only have seven minutes to make a smokey eyes on one model in our group, the rest were doing the makeup together ^_^ Not only quiz and games but there's also best dress fot the ootd contest on instagram that day.
Anyway I won the quiz session answering question about jennifer bachdim hair before became short and blonde and name of the new the body shop product, I got the body shop products and vouchers, lucky me yay~

Continue with having lunch of pasta and open sandwich, yum!

Ending this post with pictures <3
#wefie w/ Jennifer Bachdim ^^

Anyway Tia is MC-of-the-day in this Clozetters meet up with jennifer bachdim and the body shop, she's a clozette ambassador. I once attended the last Clozetters meet up and the MC was also one of clozette ambassador. How awesome~! Which clozette ambassador will become the MC for the next clozetters meet up? I'm curious :)
Vindy - Me - Tia

Erry (Clozette ID) & Jennifer Bachdim

I'm having fun in this event and of course meet many of my blogger friends here, so happy~ Can't wait for the next Clozetters Meet Up!
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Thanks for read ^O^/
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Ah, she's gorgeous
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    1. Ini aku juga di ajak Vindy ci, dia dapat dua invitation hehe.
      Ikut yuk kalau ada Clozetters meet up lagi :D


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