Physiogel Cleanser & Lotion For Dry and Sensitive Skin Review

by - August 09, 2015

Hello everyone! 
Do you have dry skin? Or sensitive skin? 
Then you should know about this skin care products that may suitable for you. 
Few times ago I was invited to Physiogel beauty blogger gathering.
Dewi Yang Beauty Blogger Pinkuroom

In this event we learn about the condition of dry skin, what cause dry skin, and how to treat them. 

Why Physiogel? 
Physiogel designed to treat people that have dry and sensitive skin.

They have cleanser, cream, lotion,and AI cream. 

Physiogel using Biomimic technology so it could be used in dry skin condition.

What it does :
- restore skin structure 
- moisturize longer 
- maintain water levels in your skin

My skin moisture is not under 30% so it's already moist by it self (?) LOL

Also I won the quiz session, yay~ 

Today I'm gonna review the cleanser and lotion from Physiogel. 

Let's start with the cleanser. 
Physiogel products is suitable for people who have dry and sensitive skin. My skin is actually combination, more to oily and it's sensitive. I try the cleanser for my face and the lotion for my body but both of this products can be used for face and body. 

The cleanser is like a gel but it's thick and there's rough texture like beads but feels soft on my skin and not irritating. 

You can use the cleanser in two ways :
- Apply it to your skin in dry condition, massage, and wash it with water 
- Apply it to your skin, massage, and clean the rest with tissue or dry towel (CAN USE IT IN DRY CONDITION TOO! :D) 

This cleanser has no foam but in my opinion it cleanse quite good. I always use the cleanser with water hehe. 

Is it works for people with combination skin like me? Yes! But you have to use water ya, because when I apply the cleanser to my skin it feels a liltle bit oily. Maybe because this products is for people with dry skin but if you have sensitive skin, you could try this too ^_^ 


How about the lotion? 
Physiogel lotion consist of 200ml and like the cleanser, you could use this for face and body, even for your baby! The lotion moisturize my skin in one usage. 

You must hate lotion that fells sticky, right? Me too! But not for this one :) 
The texture is light and not sticky.

How to use : just apply the lotion with desired amount to your face and body. 

In my opinion both of this products are perfect for people with dry and sensitive skin. My favorite is the cleanser <3 The price is affordable too, under IDR 100.000 each. You can get this at supermarket or drugstores near you. 

Interested to try Physiogel products? Let me know what you think ^O^/ 

Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3

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