Beyond Everstar Smooth Toner and Spot Gel Review

by - January 30, 2016

Hello guys~
If you're looking for skin care to treat your acne prone skin, I recommend you to try this one! I already used both of this skin care for months since I had serious problem with acne and pimples, so here's the review of Beyond Everstar Smooth Toner and Beyond Everstar Smooth Spot Gel :)
I used Beyond Everstar Toner for a while before using KOSE Sekkisei Lotion and now I used it alternately with this toner.

All Beyond Everstar Smooth range from Beyond is free from seven additives.
Seven-safe formula, NO:
- Alcohol
- Paraben
- Silicon
- Petroleum sulfate
- Mineral oil
- Sulfate
- Triethanolamin

I really like skin care that made from natural ingredients because my skin is sensitive and easily break out. I already used Beyond Everstar Smooth range for months and I have to say I LOVE IT <3

Let's start with the Beyond Everstar Smooth Toner~

''Natural ingredients cleanse thick dead cells and excess sebum which often cause skin problems. This natural toner having no seven additives is good for acne-prone skin and well mantains skin balance, leaving skin hydrated and silk smooth''

To use: After washing face, wet a cotton pad and apply over the entire face with light srokes

Price/Harga: IDR 199,000
Contents/Isi: 160ml | 5.64 fl.oz

Beyond Everstar Smooth Toner packaging made from plastic and smells like fruit but very soft and doesn't bother me while applying it. Maybe the fruity scent comes from the main ingredients: nature-derived white willow and fruit ingredients that remove dead skin cells and excess sebum.

I love this toner because it left my skin smooth and moist. Put this toner in refrigerator for cooling sensation!


I used Beyond Everstar Smooth Spot Gel when acne pop out on my skin especially when there's already a red spot.

''Natural ingredients get rid of thick dead cells and excess sebum which often caused skin problems. This spot gel having no seven additives gives little irritation on acne-prone skin, leaving skin brightened and silk smooth''

Directions: After using toner and emulsion, apply with a cotton swab or clean finger on a troubled spot.

Price/Harga: IDR 249,000
Contents/Isi: 20ml | 0.70 fl.oz

Beyond Everstar Smooth Spot Gel smells the same as the toner and comes in a long slim tube with clear plastic stand.
With clear gel texture it easilly absorb to skin and doesn't leave any sticky feels. Also contains nature-derived white willow and fruit ingredients.
It's really good to prevent red sport to big pimple and calming your acne-prone skin.

Oh, I forgot to say the packaging is so CUTE!!!! Before I like pink color I like green the most. Beyond Everstar Smooth range has 5 products and all has different picture of a couple, what a detail :)

I always love Beyond product packaging, I also have Just Beyond The God of Mist bye-bye to rough skin (yeah the name is so long) and the bottle is freakin cute!
Is this a toy or what? haha
I won't review this cutie bear since it cause my skin irritation. It works fine on my body skin but not on my face and I don't know why but here's some detail of this face mist:
''Face spray that gives freshness and provide moisture on skin''
To use: Spray all over your face, Do not get in eyes!
Price/Harga: IDR 199,000
Contents/Isi: 65ml

Have you tried Beyond skin care before? Leave comment bellow ^_^


Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3
Dewi Yang

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  1. Look nice :)
    Maria V.

  2. This is a product that I really want to try. so cute packaging!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC & G+? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it.

  3. Are the products make purging effect? Because i use etude ac series, and there is purguing effect in my face

  4. When should i use this?? Morning or evening?? Before sleep??
    If morning, can i put foundation on it? 😇