Another Way to Wear a Flannel or Plaid Shirt

by - January 20, 2016

Sometimes when you're looking into your closet you must have been thinking that you need a new clothes because there's nothing to wear! Yeah girls, I've been there too haha. But no need to rush buying new clothes because in this post I will show you how to wear your flannel or plaid shirt as a new top, dress and skirt. Let's get started~

So, what you need is only a flannel or plaid shirt.
If you don't have a flannel or plaid shirt, you can use your boyfriend's shirts! Because the oversized one is better to wear as a dress so it won't be too short. As for me, I'm using mine because I don't have a boyfriend LOL.

To wear it as a dress you have to use the oversized one so it won't be too short. I don't have an oversized shirt so I wear it as a top with new style but you can wear this as a dress if your boyfriend's shirt or yours is long enough.
It's very easy to turn this shirt into a dress, you just have to buttoned the shirt over your body and use the sleves to tighten the shirt and make it as an ornament like a bow or flower.

You can wear many different style of tops and dresses from one shirt, Just play with it!

It's very simple to make flannel or plaid shirt into a skirt, you just have to buttoned the shirt start from your hips and use the sleves to tighten it. You also can make a bow from the sleves or let it be like that.
You can make a flare skirt with the oversized one <3 Now I want to see through my Dad's closet to find some oversized shirt haha.
Turn your old clothes (or your boyfriend's clothes) into the new one!

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  1. I loveeeee Flannel.... Love Love Love.... Gonna try that flannel kemben.. Semoga aja nggak keliatan ndut. Hihihihi...

    1. Me too! Tapi gak punya yang oversized banget haha. Let's try! :)