The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser and Tea Tree Oil Review

by - January 20, 2016

So many people with acne problems that I know using Tea Tree range from The Body Shop as their daily skin care routine because they said it's really good and help their acne problems, but it's just not for me :(
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I don't know if it's just me or some of you also experience this but The Body Shop Tea Tree products doesn't suitable with my skin and cause me more acne & pimples.

Then why you write this post?
Because I want to share my thoughts and plus minus about this tea tree products on me and my sisters experience while using this range from The Body Shop for few months.

My reason to try The Body Shop Tea Tree is because many people that I know said this range from TBS is really good for acne prone skin and not only my friends but some of my aunties used the foaming cleanser for years!

Okay, let's started~

First the facial wash. I bought two bottles of The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser and I gave one to my big sis, the other one I put in the shelf to use together with my lil sis.
The packaging made from plastic with foam pump.

Price/Harga: IDR 159,000
Contents/isi: 150ml

I love the tingling sensation while washing my face with this foaming cleanser but I don't even use half of this facial foam because I found out that my skin is SERIOUSLY doesn't suitable with tea tree range from TBS. I never used other tea tree skin care beside the one from The Body Shop so I don't know if my skin will accept another tea tree product. So why I came to this conclusion?

Because last year I bought The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner and at first I loved it so much because it keeps my face away from oils (I know you love the toner because of this reason too haha) but after a while my acnes became worst so I stopped using it and I don't review it.
I thought now my skin already gets better and maybe my skin will love the other products from TBS tea tree range, that's why I bought the facial foam and the tea tree oil but I was wrong. Once not suitable maybe it won't forever :(

I also bought four bottles of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and I gave them to my mom, my sister and my friend because my acne not get any better with this tea tree oil. But I tried using this tea tree oil in many types of pimple on my face that comes and go and I could say this tea tree oil helps for pustules pimple, the one that has white fluid inside it.
The packaging is made from glass so I think it's kinda fragile.

Price/Harga: IDR 119,000
Contents/isi: 10ml

Don't use this oil on small pimple area or Indonesian calls it 'bruntusan' because on my skin it's not reduced but multiplies! But again, we all have different skin types so you should try it yourself, maybe it could heal your bruntusan too (if you have this problem).

My big sis said it's not cause her more acnes and the tea tree oil is good for pustules pimple, she has acne prone skin too like me but so far her skin not get any worse, so different from me  I think her skin is suitable with TBS tea tree range.
My lil sis said the foaming cleanser makes her pores smaller, actually I don't believe it because she doesn't have problem with big pores and acne so I think it's because the foam cleanse well to the pores haha.
My mom used the tea tree oil and doesn't complain anything and I don't see acne on her face for a while so I think it works well on her skin too.

I want to clear that I'm not saying this Tea Tree range from The Body Shop is not good for you who have problems with acne, I said before it has plus minus on me and I just want to share it with you guys :) Also I'm curious if any of you experienced the same thing while using this product haha, please leave comment bellow~

Have you tried any Tea Tree range from The Body Shop? What do you think? ^_^


Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3
Dewi Yang

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  1. im curious with the foaming wash. i've read a lots review about this series and they said its good for acne-prone like my skin. i'll make sure to try this series next month after i finish my cleanser.

    1. Yes you should try, Maybe your skin will love it :)

  2. It is too bad that the TBS Tea Tree Series don't work on you since it works well on me. I've been using the toner, tea tree oil, skin clearing lotion and blemish fade lotion since a week ago and I can see my pimples getting smaller even though the scars remain the same. It doesn't cause me any breakout too. :) Hope you find the perfect skincare for your acne. :)