Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Light Review

by - May 15, 2016

Hello everyone~
Today I want to review one of my current favorite skin care that I tried few weeks ago which is Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Light. And I got the one with new packaging that I like better than the old one, yay for me!

Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Light is a lightweight emulsion for oily skin that mantains hydro balance for greasy, dry skin as it gently absorbed into skin without leaving any sticky feel behind. Contains Laneige Water Balancing Activator that promotes moisture circulation inside skin and prevents the loss of moisture. Also it has oil-absorbing power ingredient to controls the excessive secretion of sebum, and Water Hyacinth that keeps inside of the skin moisturized and the surface of skin refreshed by protecting skin.

Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion has four different texture to match your skin type: Ultra Moisture, Moisture, Light, and Sensitive. I think the most popular are Light and Moisture because when I looking for Laneige products on online shop mostly I only see this two, even at first I thought Laneige emulsion only got two different texture to choose.

I bought the light one since my skin type is oily-combination so the emulsion will absorb faster to my skin compared with the moisture one that suitable for normal to dry skin, but I really want to try the sensitive one because one of my blogger friend already tried both and said the sensitive one texture is better! It absorb faster because the texture is more liquidy and really resemble water. Can you imagine you’re applying water to your skin, it absorb quickly, gives enough moisture, and no sticky feels at all? Heaven! Haha. I hate skin care that feels sticky on skin after you applied it. Will try the sensitive one after I run out the light emulsion ;)

Funny fact I just realized the packaging of this Laneige emulsion is made from plastic, I thought it was made from glass because it’s kind of heavy and I always hold it very carefully, Lol. It comes with a pump so I can easily control the amount of product to use, it says when you use it take appropriate amount about 1,5cm in diameter or 0.4ml.

How to apply: Apply on the face along skin’s texture, starting from the inside and working outward, and gently tap to promote absorbtion into skin.

Price/Harga: IDR 332,000 at
Contains/Isi: 120ml

The texture of Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Light is watery, non-sticky, moisturize, with white milk color. The smell is similar to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and I think it contains fragrance but not very strong.

Right now I regularly using Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Light after toner, and then continue with KOSE Sekkisei Day Essence, Acne cream for day or Moisturizer cream at night, and Acne gel or Tea tree oil if I got a regular guest (read: pimple).

After a month using Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Light I can say that my skin is less oily, maybe because I rarely use skin care that has moisturizing functions in the morning (hate the sticky feels) so my skin become very dry and it makes my skin thinking that I need more moisture so it produce more sebum. I know it’s complicated but that’s how our skin works in producing sebum as I know. Leave comment bellow if you know more about sebum production, I’d love to know haha. Also my skin not feels tight after I washed my face, feels like this emulsion balancing the water content inside my skin and gives fresh sensation after applied.

I love this Laneige emulsion so much <3 So far all Laneige products that I’ve tried not breaking out my skin. I’m very happy that it suitable with my skin condition that kind of sensitive with skin care products,  especially if I have to deal with acne skin care, huft.

Have you tried this light emulsion or other Laneige products? Leave comment bellow ^_^


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Dewi Yang

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