Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow Review

by - August 23, 2016

Lately I've been fall in love with eyebrows products. I don't know why but I have so many eyebrow products right now. Maybe because I usually going out only with eyebrow and liptint on my bare face haha XD

I prefer using automatic twist eyebrow pencil than the wood pencil type like this Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow but this one is different from other eyebrow pencil that I have tried.

Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow is like usual eyebrow pencil that need to be sharpened but it contains much of product because the pencil is very long, double size of usual wood eyebrow pencil.

This eyebrow pencil comes in 5 colors:
- Black
- Dark Brown
- Dark Grey
- Light Brown
- Red Brown
I have the Dark Brown one and love the color so much.

Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow has hard formula so it gives natural finish on the eyebrows but sometimes hard formula like this can hurt the eyebrows area so you have to be careful when drawing your eyebrows.  Just lightly draw your eyebrow and make sure you don't give much presure. Also because of the hard formula I hardly get the color swatched on my hand but on eyebrows the color comes out well.

I think it will be better to sharpen this eyebrow pencil with a knife like on the website because that way the tip of the eyebrow pencil won't hurt your skin. I will try to sharpen it with knife later.

I once watched Get It Beauty (Korean beuty variety show) and I think I saw this Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow being used by one of the makeup artist on the episode 'Makeup that my boyfriend like'. I noticed because this eyebrow pencil is so long hahaha.
I recommend this Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow for you who like natural looking eyebrows. I'm actually kind of lazy to sharpen this eyebrow pencil with a knife but once it sharpened you don't have to sharpen it again in a short time. Not really a big deal ;)

What do you think about this eyebrow pencil? Please leave comment bellow ^_^


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  1. Produk nya ga terlalu pigmented ya? Wah bagus buat daily nih..

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    1. Iya.. Tapi kalau di asah pakai pisau jadi lebih pigmented soalnya permukaannya lebih lebar hehe..