LA Colors I Heart Makeup Brow Palette Review

by - August 17, 2016

Hello everyone~
Nowadays girls can't leave home without brows on. If you're still learn how to draw eyebrows or looking for a complete brow tools, you can check this out!

LA Colors I Heart Makeup Brow Palette is a complete brow palette kit for beginners even advance to make sure your eyebrows on fleek.

It consist of 3 brow powders, 2 brow wax, highlighter, tweezers, spoolie brush, angled brow brush, brow pencil and 3 stencils.

I only use one brow powder (dark brown on left), one brow wax (brown), and the highlighter on this palette. The angled brush is already fall apart so I can't use it, I'm using my own angled brush and spoolie because the one in the kit is very rough.

When I write this post one of the brow powder that I often use is already hit the pan! I'm happy because this is my first powder makeup product that hit the pan, I have so many makeup so mostly I don't finish using them and give it to others.

Actually this palette very cheap but I bought it on online shop for about IDR 175,000.

LA Colors I Heart Makeup Brow Palette has 2 shade:
- Light to Medium
- Medium to Dark
I got the Medium to Dark because my hair is not very light now.

The only thing I don't like from this palette is the brow powder easily fall out, it spread inside the palette and stick on the brow wax. Not really a problem for me since the price is not that expensive..

I use the brow wax for a couple times but now I don't use it anymore because my brows stay still. Also if I apply the brow wax, the brow powder color will fade away. In my case it's better if I just use the brow powder.

Too bad the packaging is too big to bring while you're going somewhere so you can use it only before going out home, but it's stay all day if you don't rub or wipe it.

Overall it's a great brow kit for beginners and for you who want affordable brow palette with complete kit to shape your eyebrows.


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
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