TheLavicos Enzyme Clear Foam Review

by - August 22, 2016

Hello guys~
Today I want to review my current favorite face wash which is TheLavicos Enzyme Clear Foam. This facial foam is amazing! I think I've heard of TheLavicos brand before but I'm not sure what product that I saw before (on the internet of course haha) and now I get to try it my self.

TheLavicos Enzyme Clear Foam is suitable for all skin type including the one with sensitive skin and has 3 main functions:
- Deep cleansing effect with fine bubbles
- Makes your skin softer and brighter
- Removes sebum and skin cells without rritation
All checked! Except making your skin brighter, I don't see any significant result of brightening but it does makes your skin really really soft like a marshmellow <3

The packaging is in a white tube and the size is medium, not too small and not too big so still okay to bring while traveling.

You must be at least once experienced that time when you finish washing your face and your skin feels really tight, it doesn't happen with this TheLavicos Enzyme Clear Foam. I have combination-oily skin, after I washed my face my skin become really soft, not feels tight at all and moisturized. I'm amazed, this face foam change my life hahaha.

The texture of this TheLavicos Enzyme Clear Foam is a clear gel and dense. When mixed with water it becomes fine bubbles and cleansed dirt on your skin and pores. It also contains aloe vera extract to soothe your skin.
I got this face foam from bnt news *gomawoyo!* and I don't know where to buy it after the tube is empty >.< Will find it online and ask friends in Korea haha. Because I browsing this product and not find many online shop that sell it.


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See you on my next post <3 
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