Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleansing by Lamy Cosmetics Review

by - September 22, 2016

Hello guys~ 
Recently I really like to try new facial foam from various brands especially Korean brand. I want to share with you one of foam cleanser that I got few weeks ago from bnt news which is Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleansing. From the first time I received this product I know that the main ingredient is vegetable, I mean, look at the box! Vegetable everywhere makes me feeling healthy just by looking at it. 

Honestly I never heard about this Lamy Cosmetics brand, at all. I believe there is more Korean brand that we never heard before because mostly what we already know is brands that popular globaly. Korea is such a heaven for makeup and skin care, even I have so much of Korean beauty products but I never finished all of it haha #whatawaste. But, everytime I think about it Koreans must be having the same problem like us, even worser because beauty brand in Korea continously having an event or promotion of their products with special price even half price haha. Must be so tempting~ 

Enough with the chit chat, let's continue the review. It comes in white tube packaging made from matte plastic. Contains 120ml / 4.05fl.oz of product. 

In the box you can see carrots, tomatos, and some greeny leaves. Actually it is what contained in Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleansing. The main function of this facial foam is hydrating your skin and the hydrating ingredients extracted from: 
- Carrot 
- Water Parsley 
- Tomato 
- Parsley
Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleansing also contain Papaya extract to gently exfoliate the skin. 

The most important thing, Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleansing is free from 5 ingredients that can harm your skin: 
- Paraben 
- Benzophenone 
- Talc 
- Animal oil 
- Triclosan 

The texture of this foam cleansing is dense and I test it by letting it stay on the back of my hand for a while and it's drying without water! I think the hydrating ingredients are absorbing into my skin, amazing~ 

The fine foam is very gentle and easily made so no need to rub it with water too long. The scent is nice, it is fresh and kinda sweet. Not the typical scent of general facial foam. 

If I have to give score for this facial foam I will give 9 out of 10. Why not 10? Just because nobody or nothing is perfect, lol. 
Overall I love love this foam cleanser, very recommended!


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