The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Soothing Gel vs Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel?

by - September 12, 2016

Another non-sticky body moisturizer review for you who hates sticky feels after applying body lotion and can't even touch your phone after hahaha.

I love soothing gel because it's a gel of course and doesn't leave any stickiness on my skin. Soothing gel gives enough moisture even it's not very moisturizing like body lotion or body butter. Also it's a multi-purpose product that can be used for face, body, hair, nails and many others.

I do like using body lotion, body butter and body souffle but I apply it before going to bed, exactly when I lay down on my bed. I put my favorite body care products beside my bed like lotion, hand cream, foot cream, etc because I want to make sure that I won't touch anything after using that because I don't want my stuff become slippery, the struggle is arghh you know haha.

When it comes to soothing gel, I always go back to Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel that I already used since a long time ago. Many brands have soothing gel product and all is made from aloe vera.
Then I got this The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Soothing Gel that using bamboo as the main ingredients. It said 'Contains bamboo extract from Damyang'. Damyang is a bamboo garden in Korea, the same like Arashiyama bamboo forest in Japan I guess.

The packaging is made from plastic, taller than the Nature Republic but less wide, contents the same 300ml.

It has bamboo tree design on the side and the cap. I think the face shop bamboo soothing gel cap is more sturdy than the nature republic that easily leak out.

The texture is thicker than the Nature Republic aloe vera soothing gel but it also absorb fast.
Smells like nature haha, it's fresh and has grass scent (?) that I don't really like because if I smell it too much I got dizzy. Don't know why but after it's absorb the smell goes away (is it going into the skin? lol). My lil sis said it smells good tho.

I feel the nature republic absorb faster than the face shop but the performance of both soothing gel is the same, doesn't leave any stickiness on skin.

If have to choose between The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Soothing Gel and Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel I will go for The Face Shop because of the packaging, but I prefer Nature Republic aloe vera soothing gel scent.


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