Catalina Geo Gel Eyeliner 01 Deep Black Review

by - October 22, 2016

Hello everyone~
If you often read my blog post you may already know that I can't live without eyeliner. For me, Eyeliner is life! I can't do my makeup without eyeliner because my makeup point is always on the eyes.
Few weeks ago bntnews send me this new product which I never heard before which is Catalina Geo Gel Eyeliner. Gel eyeliner is the first type of eyeliner that I used in my life and it becomes my favorite type of eyeliner before the pen-brush type. Honestly I'm not expecting much from this gel eyeliner at first but it amazed me to the point I was asking my self "why I never know this eyelner exist?" haha.

The box looks elegant with black and bronze color, added with silver detail. Because I curious about Catalina Geo brand, I'm going through to their website and actually it is in the same company as the Lafine Vegetable products that I review before which is Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleansing and Lafine Vegetable Deep Cleansing Cream and Lafine is Lamy Cosmetics first brand ever. Catalina Geo brand itself has pure and elegant concept.

The packaging of Catalina Geo Gel Eyeliner is like gel eyeliner packaging that comes with a little brush on the top. The packaging color is bronze and looks shiny when you see it under lights.

Inside the gel eyeliner there's a seperator to prevent the eyeliner becomes dry.

It contains 3gr of product. Small but I think it will last for a few months because a little goes a long way.

In my opinion the pakaging is too big because of the brush cap. I prefer if it comes with no brush so I can put this eyeliner on my small pouch and bring my eyeliner brush seperately. Also, the brush comes out easily from the cap, there's no tight gap for the brush and the cap so if you put this eyeliner on your makeup pouch and the eyeliner brush has the product on it, you can imagine what happen next.

The brush is soft and has good quality, too bad the point of the brush is straight so it's hard to make thin line and sharp edge, If it's a has angled shape it will be very helpful.

The texture of Catalina Geo Gel Eyeliner is very creamy and I love it <3 It glides smoothly and just like the shade name, the color comes out deep black.

I'm doing a waterproof test and it does waterproof. Then I try to rub it and it doesn't smudge, only a little but I believe it's because I rub it really really hard lol.

So far I like using this eyeliner for my daily makeup and it last well on my eyelids. The only minus for me is the packaging >.<

What is your must have makeup item? Leave comment below :)


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  1. Hasilnya bagus. Tebel. Kemasannya kurang praktis aja ya.

  2. I do not use eyeliner but I am sure that Catalina Geo products are great and its quality will never let you down. If you want to have a clear make up, choose this product!