TheLavicos Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask Review

by - October 30, 2016

Hello everyone~
I bet mostly of you using face mask routinely. Using face mask at least twice a week will makes your skin keep the moisture content, prevents skin become too dry, and makes your skin brighter.
In this post I want to share with you face mask that suitable for all skin type and gives you total care for your skin to resolves various skin complex and concerns at once!

I love face mask and I already tried so many face masks type from many brands and this is the third time I use face mask that comes in a big packaging haha.

TheLavicos Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask contents 30gr of product and in one box there's 5 sheet masks.

TheLavicos Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask contains swiftlet Nest Extract which strengthen skin's barrier and makes your skin more healthy and shiny. It has two functions for Whitening and Anti-wrinkle from multiple action of Adenosine an Niacinamide.

Use this mask after you wash your wash and apply toner, tear the white film and put the transparent mask on entire face evenly. Wait 20-30 minutes and use two until three times a week.

The texture is like a jelly haha. The upper and lower part of the mask is seperated into two parts. After using this mask of course my skin becomes very soft, moist, and looks dewy. Glowing from the inside!

There's some face mask that when I use it my skin feels like it's burning, I don't know why and it's so weird but it happens to me. This mask doesn't gives me that weird sensation and it feels just right. Suitable with my oily and sensitive skin :)


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