MaxClinic Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam & White Cloud Embo Brush Review

by - November 21, 2016

Hey everyone~
You know that I really love trying new face cleanser and in this post I want to review one of unique cleanser that I have been tried for the past few weeks which is MaxClinic Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam.
Why I said it's unique? Because this thing turns oil into foam! So the base of the foam is an oil? Yup, exactly!

MaxClinic Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam contains French Clay to remove dead skin and purifying pores and enriched with vitamin to brighten up your skin tone.

This oil-to-foam cleanser also formulated with Air Fit Oil Complex and multi capsules for deep cleansing and controling sebum.

What I like about MaxClinic Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam is it's free of Parabens, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone & Artificial colorants that could harm your skin.

Also you don't have to do double cleansing like using face oil or face milk before wash your face with foam cleanser. Saving time and you only need one product.

It comes with a pump and you will need 2-3 pumps for one time usage.

Inside the bottle you can see the multi capsules and it looks really interesting, like the one you common see on hand sanitizer #wut haha.

It says to use it on dry face but I prefer wet my face first before using this foam.

I'm using MaxClinic Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam with MaxClinic White Cloud Embo Brush.
The hand grip of the brush is good and fits perfectly on my hand. It's steady and stand nicely when I put it to dry.

The brush is so so so so soft! and it looks like a flower? :)

On the back of the brush there's V padding to massage your face. Massage your face often is good for blood circulation on your face area.

The foam is not much as I expected but it does deep cleanse my skin to the pores and works amazing. My face doesn't feel oily and most importantly it doesn't make my skin dry.


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Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
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