Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist by First Cosmetics Review

by - December 26, 2016

Hey guys~
I'm not quite a fans of face mist but I use it a lot when I'm traveling because my skin tend to be dry, also after I'm going to the gym and swimming I prefer using face mist than face cream because it's more convenient.

Nowadays you will find many face mist that comes in a tube packaging and can't be re-used. Well, how about your own personal face mist? :) In this post I'm gonna show you a face mist that has four function and you can mix it together!

When you open the box there's a how to use manual but it's written in Korean but here's what it's saying:

- Fill up the mist bottle 2/3 with clear and warm water (if the water is cold, it takes longer to melt the tablets.)

- Put two vitamin tablets into the bottle and close the cap when they're 'completely melted'

- Spray on your skin with distance of 30cm

- or pouring it on your palm and apply to face
- or using a cotton balls or cotton pads

Tadaa~ The main item is here! The Vitamin Tablets and the Mist Bottle.

The vitamin tablets container is very cute even tho it's just a transparent plastic bottle, the diamond-shape cap and the colorful vitamin tablets makes it look cute and pretty.

Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist by First Cosmetics is a face mist that I could say made for your skin needs. Why? Each vitamin tablets has it's own function:
- Green : Anti-wrinkle
- Blue : Skin reproduction
- Yellow : Whitening
- Pink : Skin condition management

You can mix two different tablets together everytime you make the new mist.

I mix the green and blue vitamin tablets and it looks like this~ very aqua-ish haha.

Always Remember: Re-open the mist bottle cap every 1-2 hours after closing it to release carbonated gas. And.. if you close it before the tablets are completely melted, the mist will get runied due to pressure.

I tried using cold water when making the mist and it takes a long time for the vitamin tablets to melt, about 1-2 minutes.

The mist bottle is easy to use and doesn't leak out. Great size to put on bag but made from glass.

The vitamin tablets is a lot so you can use it for years I guess >.<

This is a good choice for you who love using face mist because this saves a lot of your expenses on face mist haha. You can use this several times (again and again) and you also can mix it with the vitamin tablets that you need.


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Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
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  1. Dewy ini kok lucu ya, tabletnya warna-warni gitu buat bedain manfaatnya :D