Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner Review

by - January 18, 2017

Woah at last I tried this famous Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner haha. I heard from this and there that this product is really good even becomes a holy grail skin care for some beauty bloggers because of it effectiveness to treat acne skin. Acne? Yup! Though it's main function is for whitening, it can also treat acne skin. Another skin care with misfunction which is great for some people? Let's check it out!

Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner is a whitening essence with lotion type, it's like SK-II facial treatment essence or Secret Key starting treatment essence.

Liek I said before this essence is actually for whitening, to make your skin brighter and moisturizing. To use this essence you can just apply it after toner with a cotton pad. I'm using this with my clean hands so I don't waste the product haha.

Actually it's written in the box the price of this Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner is 4,800 JPY and I bought it here with the same kurs, about IDR 570,000 before shipping as I remember.

The bottle is made from plastic and it's very tall, like a toner bottle.

It contents 200ml of product which is a good deal because the price is kind of expensive I think.

The color of the essence is a little bit yellow but at a glance it just looks like a transparent clear liquid. The texture is just like a toner, very watery and runny.

What I feel after using this Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner for almost 3 months, when using this essence my skin becomes a little dry but not extreme until my skin exfoliate. It control my sebum production but pimples still comes and go. I realized that I doesn't have to use this everyday, like only 3 times a week so you can use it with other essense too. So far I don't really see that this product is very effective to treat acne skin but it's not bad either, for me it's a whitening essence that suitable for acne skin. How about you? Have you tried this product to treat your acne skin? Please leave comment bellow~


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