Korean Makeup & Skin Care New Year Haul

by - January 27, 2017

Hello guys!
In this post I want to show you my Korean Makeup & Skin Care Haul. I ordered some on Althea few days before new year and got all of this after new year. That's why I call this 'New Year Haul' hehe. Also some of them are my collective haul that I got with help of my blogger fellas Natasha because she study in Korea and she tells me if there's sale of some beauty brand or in memebox website, and I just got my orders early this January (other reasons I call this New Year Haul?). Let's see!

- The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion #v203
- The Face Shop CC Long-Lasting Cushion #v203

I put this picture first because... WHO DOESN'T WANT THIS CUSHION?! Malhaebwa~ tell me
The Face Shop cushion is one of my favorite cushion all the time and my favorite type of their cushion, Oil Control Water Cushion comes in a limited edition packaging of Ryan from Kakaotalk >.< 
It's very cute and you know what, Ryan is a lion, not a bear. You already know? Then it's only me that just know it after people tells me hahaha. This one comes with a refill ;)

Another one is The Face Shop CC Long-Lasting Cushion, collaboration with disnep and I got this one with Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc. The cushion case is 3D anyway :D This month The Face Shop launching another design of this cushion and it's his best friend, Sulley! I want to get it so bad but I have to come to my sense, when will I finish using this cushion? haha #beingrealistic. It has cooling effect and soothing redness skin. Will review it soon, stay tune!

- Moeta Pop Devil Color Treatment Ampoule

I bought this hair manicure on memebox. Hair manicure is something like hair treatment but with a color that will shown on your hair if your hair is light enough, I guess? Enough colors to add to my #dewihairdiary on instagram :) I got aqua blue, violet purple, peach pink, and orange color that I got as a bonus. The size is very small, hand palm size? Hmm.., Must use two, three, or even four tube for my long and thick hair I guess haha.

Plus some clothes plastic protector and disposable tower to support self hair coloring. Also got this on memebox.

- The Face Shop Ink Graffi Eyebrow Tint Pen #light brown ( my current favorite <3 )
- Memebox I'm Lip Liquid  #pk604 rapunzel ( semi matte liquid lipstick, pretty good )
- Petitfee Oil Blossom Lip Mask (I love this! will review it soon)

- It's my Cushion Puff
I bought two but one already used right away because I'm too lazy to wash my cushion puff haha

- Pure smile lemon point pad (Very moisturizing and smells nice)
- Skin Food egg white nose pack ( it works well! gonna repurchase when I go to Korea next month )
- Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Water
- Kochostar 5 finger nail pack

- Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (major love!)
- Onsaemeein Magic Solution Skin Powder (I like using this as a toner)
- Chica Y Chico Oil Clear Essence (works amazing on my oily skin)
- Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner (I like this toner because it's 500ml! haha)

- CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar
- CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil Grapefruit scent (much more oily than most of hair oil, a little goes a long way)

- Mamonde Rose soothing gel (smells amazing~ can be used from head to toe)
- Secret key lemon sparkling peeling pad (I love this! Has 2 different pad, one textured for exfoliating and the other one just like usual cotton pad for moisturizing only)

- Nella Black & Black Pore Cleansing Set
- Pony Effect Mirror (very cute! want 3CE one but this also nice)

- Skin Food face mask 20pcs~ 
For mom who loves face mask hehe. They also have caviar mask sheet hahaha

So sorry in the begining I write too long because I'm so excited about cushion and lately into hair coloring (?) ;)
I already tried most of the products and it's all very nice and good. Will post the review soon!

Alright, that's all~ Very late post since it's the end of January already, but hey, it's better late than never rite? :) #lifemotto hehe


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
Dewi Yang

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  1. aku penasaran sama Rire Pore Tonernya, udah pernah direviewkah? kalo belom, review dong. :3